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Chapter 19: No parents

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The story so far

Chapter 19: No parents

written by anonymous

added on: 22 Jun 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela drags Rayanne, Rickie, and Sharon into the bathroom with her.

Angela: Guess what!?

All three together:what?

Angela: Jordan is living at my house!

Sharon and Rickie look shocked

Rayanne: As if. Like Pattycakes will really let that happen.

Angela: actually it's true.

Rayanne: How?

Angela(getting serious)Ok, like you all know his dad used to beat him?(they all nod) Well like, his dad beat him again last week, and we talked to my parents and they said he could stay for awhile.

Rickie: Wow, like, how long is he gonna stay there?

Angela: I don't know, but were cutting school today, and going to get some of his stuff.

Rayanne: Angelika, be careful ok? I mean like with you two living together? It's like..

Sharon: Big(finishing Raannes sentence) It's like such a huge step. I know like you haven't had sex yet, or whatever, but like, with him living there, it's going to be hard to resist

Rickie: Yeah, and like, we want you to be happy but aren't you in over your head just a little?

Angela: You guys didn't see him, not his bruises(motions to her ribs and chest) All over nothing but ugly bruises, it was awful, no matter what, I couldn't see him going back there.

Rickie: I understand, I 've been there, done that. Just ya know

Angela: I know, Thank you guys


Angela: Jordan? you ok?

Jordan: Yeah, it's just, I feel kinda weird, just up and taking my stuff and going.

Angela: Hey, (reaches for him) I'm here for you ok?(she wraps her arms around him and holds him, he buries his face in her shoulder they stay like that for several minutes.

Jordan(pulls away) Angela, we need to like go. He'll be back anytime now.

Angela: Let's go

AT THE CHASE HOUSE Angela and Jordan are taking his bags and boxes into her bedroom.

Angela:(vo) Oh my gos, his stuff is like in my room, next to my stuff. thats is soooo weird. I love it. It feels right

Jorda: What? What are you smiling about?

Angela: Nothing.

Jordan: whatever


Patty: Angela, Honey, there's something your father and I need to talk to you about.

Angela walks into the livinf room where they are

Angela: yeah?

Graham: Your mother and I need to go away for the weekend ok?

Patty: We have to go to see you rfathers parents. Something happened we don't now what yet, but you are to stay here with Danielle.

Angela: ok, thats ok, I'll stay.

Graham: Where's Jordan?

Angela: Practice.

Patty: Oh, umm, were trusting you ok? Please, please follow our rules while were gone understand?

Angela: yeah

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