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Chapter 18: Home Early

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Chapter 18: Home Early

written by Shelly

added on: 02 Nov 2001 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

As the movie continues to play, Angela and Jordan are passtionatly kissing one another on the couch. Angela slowly takes off jordan's shirt and begins kissing his chest. Suddenly the door opens.

PC: Angela! We're home!

AC: Oh my god! It's my mom!

The two quickly seperate and Jordan puts his shirt back on. Luckily the parents didn't see anything.

PC: Angela are you in here? (Patty sees them sitting awkardly on the couch) Oh hi Jordan.

JC: Hi.. (gives her a grin full of guilt)

AC: Mom! I thought that you would be at grandma's for a while.. I mean.. I thought that you guys were like, eating over there or whatever.

(Graham walks in)

GC:Well we were going to but you know how your grandmother's cooking is.

PC: (Patty to Graham) Right... it just can not compare to yours. (Patty gives Graham a little kiss on the cheek.)

JC: Well Angela I think that I am going to get ready and go...

AC: Right. I'll walk you outside.

PC GC: Bye Jordan.

JC: See ya.

Angela follows Jordan as they walk out of the front door. Brian is seen sitting outside on his driveway messing with some papers...

AC: Listen, I um.. I am glad that you watched the movie with me...

JC: Yeah me too, it's not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

AC: (looks over at Brian) God, what is he doing?!

JC: Probably some math or something.

AC: (grins) Yeah... probably. So are you going to band practice tonight?

JC: Yeah, you should like, come. Around 8.

AC: I will be there. See you then. (they kiss)

JC: Bye.

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