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Chapter 11: The Next Step

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Chapter 11: The Next Step

written by Rachel

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

(Outside the abandoned house, in Jordan's car. It's Friday night and Jordan has picked Angela up from the Chase house, which is empty because the Chases have taken Danielle on a weekend camping trip.)
Jordan: (Reaches to open up his car door, but then stops.) Don't get me wrong, Angela, but, uh...
Angela: What? What is it? (Kisses him lightly) You know you can tell me anything, I mean, you know that, right?
Jordan: It's just, not that I don't want to do this, because trust me, I do really really really want to do this,(Angela smiles) but, I don't know, it doesn't feel right. (She looks at him, kind of curiously) I know I've done it before there, lots of times, but it didn't mean much to me. Not like it does now, you know? I mean, I don't think I want something this special to happen - here.
Angela: Oh, Jordan. (Looks at him adoringly). But if we don't go in, then what? What next?
Jordan: Let's just... go somewhere and just be there. Together. And we can save this for another night. Sometime when it's more... right. I dunno.
Angela: You don't have to say this. I mean, it's okay. We can go in. I'm ready ... I mean, I love you, Jordan.
Jordan: (Smiles) I know. I love you, too, and that's why I'm saying this. Cuz, You're not ready, and I'm not worried about that anymore.
Angela: What changed?
Jordan: We love each other now. I know we can wait. I'm not worried about having to do it now, because I know we'll always be together. So we can take our time now. We always could have. I just didn't know it then. (Turns a little red) It's just.. different with you, Angela. I haven't ever talked like this with anyone. No one sees who I really am. I don't let them. Only you.
Angela: (Kisses him, first his forehead, then his cheek, and his eyelashes and finally his mouth. Jordan closes his eyes and kisses her back gently. They embrace for awhile, kissing each other gently but deeply.)Just because we aren't sleeping together, yet, doesn't mean we can't do some stuff, you know...
Jordan: (Smiles) Like...what?
Angela: Like, stuff.
Jordan: (Kisses her) I like stuff. But can we do stuff at your house? I like it better there.
Angela: Yeah. (Thinks to herself) I never knew Jordan Catalano could be so deep. I feel almost... guilty, like for thinking that he was so superficial. (Aloud) You know, you're kind of sexy when you're vunerable.
Jordan: (Looks at her, eyes twinkling)(They both smile and almost laugh at that statement, then he starts the car and drives to the Chase house.)
They go inside and watch a movie, paying attention half of the time, and the other half of the time kissing, not passionatly but lovingly. Later... Angela has fallen asleep on Jordan's chest, who is laying on the couch. The movie credits are rolling. It's very late.
Jordan: (Shakes Angela gently) (Whispering) Angela... wake up.
Angela:(Sleepily) Hmm? What happened to the movie? ( Kisses his cheek happily)
Jordan: (Smiles) It's late... I better go...
Angela: No. Don't go, stay. ( Starts kissing him.) Sleep with me.
Jordan: We're gonna wait, remember? It's better. (Kisses her) I promise.
Angela: Not sex. Just stay here tonight. Sleep in my bed. You can hold me and we can fall asleep together.
Jordan: ( Smiles) Yeah... okay...
They go upstairs and Angela changes. They lay side by side facing each other in her bed, Angela wearing a t shirt and underwear and Jordan wearing boxer shorts. He holds her in his arms, and they kiss each other softly.
Jordan: I've been with so many girls... you're the first girl I've ever loved. (closes his eyes and continues kissing her.)
Angela:(Voice over) I can't believe I'm seeing this side of Jordan I've never seen before. I have fallen completely in love with him. Like, the way I love him now is so much more real than how I used to feel. I was so, infatuated. And clueless. But now, I feel, like, so in love with him. It's amazing.

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