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The Interactive FanFiction Story

One of the longest-running fanfiction stories on the 'net.

Chapter 8: The Plot Thickens

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Chapter 8: The Plot Thickens

written by Matt

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela's face lights up. Danielle looks curiously, a little
smile on her face.

ANGELA--HI! Oh, yeah sure--oh wait, to Patty Mom, can I
get a ride with Jordan?

PATTY--Smiles genuinely, more approving than in the past Of course. Hi
Jordan, how are you?

JORDAN--a little awkward, still not used to this kind of
situation Hey...I mean, Hi. (pause) I mean...I'm O.K.

ANGELA--to the rescue Well we'd better go if we don't want
to be late for school. Bye.


PATTY--Bye. Have a good day at school. And drive safely.

Jordan opens the passenger door for Angela, who, still
smiling, gets in and reaches over to unlock Jordan's door.
Jordan gets in, starts the car, and pulls away. Brian,
meanwhile, watches from his window, his parents have already
left for work.

BRIAN--watching Jordan's car pass (VO) Well you blew again
Krackow! An ATLAS! What is WRONG with me?

Watches the car disappear around a corner. He sits in
silence for a long moment before resuming his internal monologue.

BRIAN--(VO) There's no doubt about it this time. It's me! I CAN'T
confront Angela! It's almost physical! It's like, my Brain just
freezes when she's near. It's like I lose control!

Brian starts to tear up.

BRIAN--(VO) There is no meaning in my life. All the grades,
all the honors, all the extra-curricular activities...they

Now Brian starts crying.

BRIAN--(VO) But what chance could I have? I mean LOOK at me!
"I, that am not shaped for sportive tricks, Nor made to court
an amorous looking glass." What chance could I ever have?

Rain begins to fall softly as Brian continues to stare out
the window.

BRIAN--(VO) What I don't understand though, what I will never
understand, is why she--and Cherski for that matter--dropped
me as a friend. What did I do to her? What did I do to THEM!?

Brian stands silently in the rain, putting things together.

BRIAN--(VO) It was in junior high. That was when everyone
started falling into their separate cliques. That was when
I was really labled a "nerd". Of course! Why would they
want anyone to see them with a nerd?!

Now the anger in Brian builds.

BRIAN--(VO) It's NOT me! It's them! All this time I was their
friend--HER friend! And for what! So Angela could borrow
things from me, and then treat me like crap! So Cherski could
use me when her boyfriend wasn't around, and then get all
self-righteous when it came to Delia Fischer! So Rayanne
Graff could make fun of me, simply because of my inexperience,
calling me a loser, as if I had any choice in the matter!

Brian's rage bursts.

BRIAN--(Out loud, screaming) I HATE THEM! I HATE THEM ALL!

Brian collapses onto his bed, crying uncontrolably. After
several minutes, he calms down.

BRIAN--(VO) Not a day goes by that I don't think about suicide.
But no more! If I'm to be a social outcast, so be it. Since
they've long since declared war on me, I have no choice but to
to counterattack!

Starts to smile--a smile that cannot precisely be considered

BRIAN--(out loud, in a voice that's a little different than
we're used to more confident more sinister!) Like
Richard III, if I cannot prove a lover, then I will prove a
villain! They all forgot one very important fact: I'm smarter
than they are! They mock me for being in the chess club.
Well, at least chess has taught me a few things about strategy
that can apply to the real world! I would never act violently
of course (not myself, anyway) but I will have my revenge.
And I will be subtle! Oh yes, I will be subtle!

Brian looks at his bookcase, his eyes focusing on "Othello".
He starts to laugh wildly.

BRIAN--There's another one those pinheads havn't read. A shame
really, considering I may borrow from Iago's playbook!
My, we're really on a Shakespeare kick now aren't we!

This elicits another salvo of Brian's new, unhealthy version
of laughter as he leaves to catch his bus.

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