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The Interactive FanFiction Story

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Chapter 13: Eureaka!

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Chapter 13: Eureaka!

written by Classified

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Sunday morning in the Krackows' basement. We see a barely recognizable Brian Krackow feverishly mixing chemicals in his basement lab. He is barely recognizable, because now his head is completely shaven. Finally, he seems to have finished his work.

Brian: Hmmm. Now to see if it works.

Brian quickly dons a blonde wig that matches his old hair, and takes his potion upstairs. He sees his father at the kitchen table drinking coffee.

Brian: Hi dad. Where's mom.

Mr. Krackow: Oh, she actually has to see patients today.
She'll be home later.

Brian slips a drop of his potion into his father's coffee.

Brian: Oh, I see. Well I was just wondering.

Mr. Krackow takes a sip of coffee, then seems to go into a trance.

Brian: Dad?

Mr. Krackow: (voice sounds monotonous and distant) Yes.

Brian: Stand up.

Mr. Krackow stands up.

Brian: Give me $100.

Mr. Krackow takes out his wallet and hands Brian a crisp new $100 bill. Brian starts getting increasingly excited.

Brian: Dad, do an Irish jig.

Mr. Krackow gets up and does a clumsey jig. Brian can no longer contain his ecstasy.

Brian: I've done it! I've actually invented a mind control potion! The world thought it could push me around! Well, now all will bow before DR. BRAIN!

Brian laughs maniacally as he joins his brainwashed father in the jig.

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