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Chapter 12: A little moment

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Chapter 12: A little moment

written by Rosemarie

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela wakes up to see Jordan's hair covering his eyes and nose. She laughs a little, but covers her mouth not wanting to wake him up. She brushed his hair away to see his face glow beautifully under the morning sun. Angela kissed him softly on his forhead, and looked at him and couldn't help smiling and thinking at the same time.

I can't believe, Jordan Catalano and I just slept together, and he's like still here. Angela kept smiling and was just memorized by the whole event... but all of a sudden, her alarm clock went off, with her music going full range.

Angela:(laughs) oh no!

she slams her clock trying to shut it up.

Jordan wakes up bewildered. Hey, what's all that noise?

Angela: I'm sorry, it's just my stupid alarm clock.

Jordan:why do you have it on? (annoyed). Then he felt unsure of something. What's today?

Angela finally turned her alarm off and looked at Jordan.

Angela: It's Saturday.

Jordan: then why do you have you're alarm clock on?

Angela: I like to wake up early sometimes.

Jordan: why would you want to?

Angela smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

Angela: Good morning.

Jordan: Good morning. he managed a smiled.

Angela: Do you want something? Like coffee?

Jordan: Ya, that'd be great. Black with-

Angela:3 or 4 sugars? Angela smiled after finishing his sentence.

Jordan smiled, but looked away kind of embarrassed of what happened las night, he didn't know why though.

Angela: would that be all? angela took her robe and was ready to leave the room.

Jordan: and a toothbrush would be nice.

Angela laughed and walked out the door.

As Angela was heading down the stairs Daniell taped her by her shoulder.

Angela: Daniell! Quit doing that!

Daniell: Sorry, god.

Angela: What do you want?

Daniell: I saw Jordan in your room. Mom's going to be mad if she fines out that he's in there.

Angela: Mom won't find out because, you'll keep your little mouth shut right?

Daniell: Well, I won't have to tell her anything because she's going to room right now!

Angela: What! why?

Daniell: I dunno.

Angela rushed to her room and shut the door before her mom could even get her hands on the door knobe.

Patty: (looked at her shocked) Angela, what are you doing?

Angela: no mom, I should say what are you doing?

Patty: I'm was just going into your room.

Angela: Well, why? (was kind of tonge-tied)

Patty: Well, I wanted to check if my one of my earings fell in your room, when I was cleaning your absolute messing cave yesterday. You know , you weren't this sloppy with your room before and I am not going to clean after you forever.

Angela: well, do you have to do it right now? I mean, cuz' I can look for it later, you know.

Patty: Angela, I meeting Sharon's mom in about have an hour and those are my favorite earings, now step aside.

Angela: no mom wait!

Patty:Angela what is wrong with you?

Patty force her way in even with Angela still begging her mom not to.

Patty: now let me see...

Angela covered her face, then sperated her fingers a little to see no Jordan Catalano in her room.

Patty: now Angela, can you check...are you okay sweetie?

Angela: Oh ya, ummm, which place do you want me to check?

Patty: in the closet maybe, I think it might be in there. (she looked at her with worried eyes) Angela just smiled.

Patty searched and oh mighty goodness, she found it.

Patty: yes I knew it, good grief, I thought I lost it. All right Angela, please stick around later, because Camille and Sharon are coming over for dinner.

Angela: oh ya, sure mom.

Patty:(smiled) Jordan was here pretty late wasn't he?

Angela's face fell.

Patty: why don't you invite him over tonight for dinner, I'm sure he'll love it.

Angela: Right. (fakes a smile)

After Angela's mom left, she searched aroung wondering were Jordan could have hidden.

Jordan: Angela. (he whispered)

Angela: Jordan, oh my god!

Jordan was holding on the the window edges outside. Angela helped him up.

Jordan exhale, as Angela started laughing. Jordan started to laugh also.

Angela: My mom wants to know if you want to join us for dinner tonight?

Jordan: ya I heard, but...

Angela looked away.

Jordan: I mean I want to but, I have things going on later tonight. Maybe some other time.

Angela: Ya sure. (she said coldy)

Jordan: Well,I better get going. I'll see you tomorrow, oh wait. I have this thing I have to do with the band. Like some new look or something.

Angela: Ya, whatever.

He kissed her on the cheek and went out the door, but made sure no one was downstairs, before he started down the steps.

Angela watched from behind her door, and when he was out of sight, close it, and went to get ready for the day.

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