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Chapter 17: real life romeo

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Chapter 17: real life romeo

written by bella

added on: 04 Jul 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

jordan and angela enter the chase driveway and seem in very high spirits.

J:i like your house best at night(angela agrees when she remembers the only time he was there during the day he broke up with her. she quickly shrugs away this thought with a smile and a quiet "me too"

after unlocking they enter the chase house

A:well what do you want to do, we can watch a movie, or fix something to eat, or......

J: oh you know me, he says hugging her from behind,

A:"food" she says with a smile feeling content that they were at a stage where they weren't interrupting eachother anymore but actually finishing eachother's sentences--like a real couple

In the kitchen, with the vast variety of foods the chase household is known for strewn about the counter angela and jordan are seen laughing and eating.

J:Well, so what is this about a movie

A: oh, well we don't have that many, but oh wait, you know what we should watch --Romeo and Juliet

J:don't you have something alse like something with action, or whatever

A:oh come on, it will help us with this whole play thing

jordan gives in and they begin to watch the movie with olivia hussy from the 1970's and surprisingly jordan seems to be far from bored but actually enjoying it (he always did have a way of understanding shakespeare with Angela around)

they get to the infamous balcony scene

Angela is laying on jordan's shoulder as he has his arm around her they are thoroughly engrossed in the movie

the lines fade into the background as jordan stares at angela

J:You know i am beginning to wish i wasn't your fiance anymore

A:oh really, who would you rather be

J:"oh, take a guess" he says jokingly angela can't help but smile

A:well romeo, that would be quite alright with me

J: i mean he has all the lines, and he gets the most beautiful girl in the cast

angela is overwhelmed by this and can't help but kiss jordan on the cheek

J and oh i almost forgot, he gets to kiss the girl

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