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Chapter 16: Romeo+Juliet+Jealoused fiancee

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Chapter 16: Romeo+Juliet+Jealoused fiancee

written by adik

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Mr.Katimski is directing the play's practise.Angela is on the stage,standing beside Eric(The Romeo).The other students are sitting at the audience seats,waiting for their scene.Jordan is
standing near the stage.
Katimski:So,now everyone got their script.Eric,start reading the script.
Eric:Juliet,Juliet my love..I missed your sweet voice and your touch.
Angela:Oh,Romeo,oh, I come my love, to be forever with you to succumb myself to you.
The scene goes on till the part Romeo and Juliet have to kiss.
AVO:Oh,I can't do this eventhough Eric is extremely gorgeous..especially Jordan is here.
Katimski:It's just a play..please, be a professional actress,Angela.
Angela:Oka, goes nothin..
Angela and Eric is kissing so passionately.Jordan's mouth dropped open and he felt jealous.
JVO:This is just a play,why are they kissing like real?
Katimski:okay,the practise continue tomorrow.Memorize your script and practise more..
Angela get off the stage while Eric is following her.
Eric:So,Angela..seeya tomorrow.(He takes Angela's hand and kiss it)
Jordan:How romantic.So how's about your fiancee,huh??
Angela:(laugh).How's about him?He'll alwiz stay here(pointing to her heart).No one can replace him.
Jordan:(Blushed).Okay,let me send you home.
Angela:My parents is not at home.They went to my grandma's house.Danielle's with them.'d like to hang around for a while?
Jordan:Okay..I'll stay at your house until your mom is home.
Angela:Great..we can do some stuff..(laugh)
Jordan:The stuff again??(laugh too)
The scene fade as Angela and Jordan walk hand in hand toward the school parking lot.

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