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Chapter 17: Revenge

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Chapter 17: Revenge

written by courtney

added on: 09 Oct 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Jordan:Those three need to be tought a lesson. I say we get Tino and the rest of the guys, and go have us some fun with them.

(Jordan looks at Shane in a mad, crazy guy look. Shane just looks at him and smiles.)

Shane: Man I have been waiting for you to say that ever since you started dating that wierd chick.

Jordan:Well you know me I cant go long with out threatening someone who gets in my way.

Shane:Come on man lets go get Tino and try to convince him to let use do something to Rayanne. Because you know how he feel about her and that fag she always hangs around with.

(Jordan starts to think about it alittle as he calms down.)


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