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Chapter 14: Rayanne and Jordan - has history repeated itself?

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Chapter 14: Rayanne and Jordan - has history repeated itself?

written by anonymous author

added on: 05 Mar 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Rayanne: Hi.
Jordan nods at Rayanne
Angela, looking at Jordan and Rayanne V.O : Jordan said that he forgave me, and yet i can't forive her yet, for what she did with him. I know that i will always love him, and she knew that but i can't forgive her, not yet.
Angela : Hay. Look i've got to go now, Jordan i'll speak to you later, we can't just leave this, you know, how it is, or whatever.
Angela reaches to touch his arm but he pulls away, angela walks away towards Brian, looking upset.
Jordan, touching his hair : She's broken up with me.
Rayanne, noticing that he is hurt by this : Don't worry, you'll make up again.
Jordan :No, not this time, she said that it's all changed, she's with someone new. She's with Brain!
Rayanne: She's with Brian? Why would she go from someone like you, ( looks him up and down) to someone like him. She's made a mistake. She's gonna regret it, but in the mean and you should do something, like 'together', we should go out this evening, get some drinks, have some 'fun'. ( Rayanne looks at Jordan and they both grin.)
Jordan: Look i know somewhere where we can go, a house, or something, it's empty.
Rayanne: Have you got something?
Jordan touching his pocket: Yeah, you wanna come?

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Next Chapter

You have 2 choices: What should happen next?
  1. Rayanne goes with Jordan for some 'fun':
    Chapter 15: En route by A (17 Oct 2004)
    no more subchapters.
  2. Rayanne doesn't go with Jordan:
    Chapter 15: Truth Hurts by Joie (08 Apr 2001)
    2 more subchapters.

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