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Chapter 21: From Within

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The story so far

Chapter 21: From Within

written by Joie

added on: 28 Jan 2002 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

BRIAN wakes up. He is in bed. The alarm chirps insistently beside him. He hits it off, and wipes his brow. Suddenly, his eyes widen. PAN to his view, where we see a piece of paper.

CLOSE on paper. It is the draft of the letter. BRIAN looks at the calendar. He leaps out of bed. Next to the letter, is a note scrawled in his own writing: Get Our Town tickets today! Beside that, the notes for the Odyssey to give to Jordan at tutoring.

BRIAN: What...!

BRIAN looks out of the window. He sees the Chases' Taurus wagon pulling out of the driveway, Graham driving. He looks in a bit of a rush.

BRIAN: I can't believe it... (BRIAN smiles) This... I got another chance. Today... i got another chance!

BRIAN seizes the letter, rips it in half, and throws it into his rubbish bin.



JORDAN sits waiting. BRIAN approaches, and sits down.


BRIAN: Hey. (Unpacks his notes) Okay.. here are some exercises, which, uh, if you could finish them for next session, then.. yeah. (Jordan takes the sheets, flicks through them) And, uh... did you do those terms, sheets?

JORDAN: Uh, yeah.

JORDAN flicks through his folder, and takes out the notes. He fiddles with them, nervous.

JORDAN: Uh, Brain...

BRIAN: Yeah?

JORDAN: Um, about that letter...

BRIAN: Yeah... (Beat) Listen, Jordan. I know I said I'd write it, and all, and-- the thing is, I shouldn't have told you I would? 'Cause... I know Angela, really well, and I just... I just would rather not get involved. Okay?

JORDAN nods. Absorbs this information.

JORDAN: Okay. I mean.. I understand, I guess. (half-smile) I was kinda surprised when you agreed to do it, so. Yeah. I'll just write it myself. (sigh) Let's do this Odyssey thing.

BRIAN: (smiles) Yeah. Okay...

MID SHOT of the two, working on the sheets.


It is darkish. JORDAN stares at the paper, thinking hard. Eventually, biting his thumbnail, he begins to write.


JORDAN reads over the letter he has written himself, for Angela. He folds it again, then opens ANGELA's locker, puts the note inside, and shuts it. He walks off.

Presently, ANGELA approaches. She opens her locker, and sees the note. Curious, she takes it.

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