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Chapter 23: The end is Just the Beginning

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The story so far

Chapter 23: The end is Just the Beginning

written by sammy

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela looked up and saw Brian standing on his porch staring at them in the car. She pulls away from Jordan.
Angela: Brian is liek staring at us. I feel bad.
Jordan: Let him.
He pulls her in closer and kisses her. Brian's face turns flat and he goes inside. After a few minutes they break apart.
Angela: Do you think he saw us?
Jordan: Probably. So which is it? Me or Brian?
Angela: What?
Jordan: Who do you want to be with? Me or Brian?
VO: Why do people ask you something they already know the answer to? Do they just like want to hear it for themselves or something?
Angela: You. I want to be with you Jordan. I always have.
Jordan: I knew you were going to say that, I just wanted to hear you say it.
VO: Wow. People really do, do that.
They kiss again and then angela opens the door to go inside.
Angela: Thanks for giving me a ride home.
Jordan: Thanks for getting lost.
They both smile.
Angela: you know I got lost because of you. Jordan looks confused- Yeah, I uh, saw you walk away with that girl, Tammy, and ran off the bus. i just ran. I think Brian ran after me part of the way. And then I got lost and saw Shane.
Jordan kisses her and then she gets out of the car. He drives off and Angela starts to walk inside.
Brian: What are you cheating on me?
Angela: Brian... I-
Brian: Let me tell you something Angela...
Angela: Brian! No! Let me explain!
Brian: Why should I?
Angela: Because you deserve to know the truth. Before you go away thinking I ran to Jordan's house despite you, Just listen.
Brian: I don't want to.
Angela: Brian!
Brian: No Angela. We're through. Go cry about to Jordan. At least you'll be happy that way. And that's how it should be. You, happy.
VO: This is really sad because I'm never happy.
Brian: Because I know you weren't happy with me. You'll be happy with Jordan and that's all that matters.
Angela: I was happy with you.
Brian: Then why does it have to end?
Angela: Because I was on the rebound, and that's just the way it worked out. I'm really sorry.
Brain: No, it's ok. I'm glad it worked out that way. I'd rather be your rebound than nothing at all.
Angela: I'd rather be your friend than anything at all.
Brian: So would I.
Angela: I'm really glad.
Brian: Yeah me too. Well I gotta go so...
Angela: Yeah me too I'll see ya.
Brain: Yeah bye.

The Next Day at School

Angela is at her locker talking to Sharon.
Angela: Yeah so me and Brian broke up last nite.
Sharon: Oh my god! Are you alright?
Angela: Sharon, I'm fine. We worked everything out.
Sharon: Why'd you do it?
Angela: Brian was my rebound. and Jordan and I worked everything out.
Sharon: So this is for Jordan? Which is completely understandable.
Angela: Well, yeah. I don't even know why I went out with Brian. Not that we even went OUT. I mean I guess I just went out with him to fill the "Jordan Void".
Sharon: Well, this "Jordan Void" didn't last long.
In the distance Angela sees Jordan.
Angela: There he is. I gotta go.
Sharon: Bye.
Rickie shows up and sees Angela in a dreamy state.
Rickie: What's with her?
Sharon: She and Brian broke up and now she's with Jordan. Note the dreamy state.
Rickie: Oh. Yeah I kinda picked up on that one.

Angela: Hey. She smiles a big happy smile.
Jordan: Hey. They kiss. So, uh, how's Brain taking this?
Angela: Oh fine. Yeah, it's all good.
Jordan: Yeah well, I gotta go to uh turtoring now. So, uh, I'll seeya.
Angela: Oh yea, bye.
He kisses her then leaves.
She watches him go and feels Rickie grab her shoulder.
Rickie: So you're back together?

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