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Chapter 15: brian*clueless to like the reality of actual life*

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Chapter 15: brian*clueless to like the reality of actual life*

written by anonymous author

added on: 09 Jan 2006 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

angela gets out of the car, and is walking up to her house... when she sees brian like fixing his bike.
angela:so...i was just at sharons.
brian:is there some reason you think i should care? i just kinda thought you earlier today..
brian:right, well uknow i dont...not that much
brian:so,so..whats wrong with her?..(looks up at her)
angela:well..(whispers low) brian u cant tell anyone okay?
brian:what, you think i care!... so...what?
angela:shes.shes,, pre-gnant
brian:looks up at angela) WHAT? sharon?...(stands up)is pre-
angela: brian! god shutup!
brian:by who...that -kyle- (laughs a little)?
angela:yess... brian its a serious problem! okay what is she gunna do?
angela:i dunno, keep it i guess, i mean with kyle like hating her now, and breaking up, and wantin nothing to do with it-(brian cuts her off)!!
brian:WAIT!...he like did that-all of that- to sharon
brian:well i guess that makes sence..
angela:what./? how can u say that? brian!
brian:well its just!...nothing..i meanwhats he gunna do!?
angela:i dunno...i mean, i guess...if u were a really shollow person.
angela:so anyways did u still need ur book or whatever..cuz
brian:(still shocked) yeah...
angela:well than ill just drop by than...uknow to give it to u.
brian:yeah drop by...whatever
brian:walks home.
angela find the book and...


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