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Chapter 10: Pregnant

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Chapter 10: Pregnant

written by Angela

added on: 20 Jan 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Kyle approaches Sharon and Angela with a shocked expression.
Kyle: Sharon? What's wrong?

Sharon: (sniffling) Nothing, Kyle, ok? Nothing is wrong. Everything is fine. *I* am fine.

Kyle: Uhh ok...are you sure?

Sharon: Yes. (Forces a smile) Positive.

Kyle: (moves in between Sharon and Angela, facing Sharon) Then why are you crying?

Sharon: (looks sideways, trying to think of an explanation) I like...lost...these pictures for yearbook, ok? so like, I'm going to go look for them now. ok? Angela, let's go.
(her and Angela walk off- Kyle is left with a puzzled expression on his face.

Sharon: (whispering to Angela) that was like, too close.

Angela: I can't believe you didn't tell him! Like, why didn't you tell him? Sharon...he like, *deserves* to know.

Sharon: I just don't want to like, tell him, until i'm like, totally sure.

Angela: Aren't you though? Sure? Because you like, took that test right? Don't those things have something like a 98 accuracy or something?

Sharon: Well yes but, that's still 2 left right?

Angela: I guess.

AngelaVO: It's weird how sometimes, when something like really bad is happening to you, you resort to these super pathetic percentages. Like, you're in total denial.

Sharon: Now I really understand the meaning of kafka-esque...

Angela: of what?

Sharon: Never mind...look, I've sort of, changed my mind. I don't think i really want to like, go to the nurse...or whatever. I mean what if she like, tells a teacher? Or calls my parents? ( begins talking really fast) Seriously Angela I don't know what I would do. Like, I tell my mom everything. But like, I can't tell her this - if it's true I mean. Like, how would I tell her? What would I say? I mean...she'd freak. I mean-

Angela: -Sharon- look...just, take a deep breath. Like, calm down.

Sharon: (half ignoring Angela) Like, who do you think would take it worse? My mom or my dad?

Angela: I don't know, I think-

Sharon:- Oh what am i saying? They'd both like, completely freak.

Angela: Well yeah, maybe. But you can't like, *not* tell your parents.

Sharon: How much does an abortion cost?

Angela: Sharon!

Sharon: well what?

AngelaVO: I guess it wasn't such a great idea to tell her my opinion of abortions. I mean, killing like, unborn babies. I mean, who has the right to do that? That's like murder, but even worse. Because the victim is like, totally helpless.

Angela: Nothing...I just think that maybe having the baby, I mean, if you are, you know, (whispers) pregnant...well maybe it wouldn't be so bad. I mean, you could be home schooled, and I would like, visit you. So would Kyle.

Sharon is looking up at the ceiling, her eyes filling with water. She suddenly bursts into tears.

Sharon: God, this is like, a nightmare! I need........Kyle.
I have to tell Kyle.

Brian:(who is coming out of the guys' washroom) Tell Kyle what?

Angela: Nothing that concerns you Krakow.

Brian: (looks at Sharon) What, did you like cheat on him or something?

Angela: Brian, can you just like, leave?

Brian: This is public property. So like, Sharon, did you? Cheat on Kyle, i mean. Cause like, if you did, I wouldn't tell him you know. I'm not like that you know.

Sharon: (trying to compose herself) Brian, if you don't leave, like, right now, I am going to like, scream, ok? So just please...

Brian: ok, ok I get it, you don't have to like, freak out.
(starts to walk away, then stops) Oh, Angela?

Angela: (annoyed) What Krakow?

Brian: Ok I know this might be like a bad time or something, but you know that copy of "Escape Velocity", that I like lent you?

Angela: You want it back?

Brian: Well yeah sort of, cause like, it sort of isn't mine. It's like, from the library and it's sort of like, really overdue, so...

Angela: So, you want it back?

Brian: Well yeah cause like, I kind of need to like, return the library, so...can I pick it up tonight sometime?

Angela: I won't be home, but I'll give it to Danielle to give to you.

Brian: Oh so where are you gonna be?

Angela: (annoyed)That's's like, not any of your business.

Brian: Oh let me guess, you're like, going to some cheap motel with Catalano or something. Seriously, it makes me sick, like just cause hes like "good looking" or one cares that he's a complete idiot.

Angela: Brian, for someone who gets like, REALLY good grades, you say the stupidest things sometimes.

Brian: So I'm right? Thats where you're going tonight, isn't it?

Angela: (exasperated) Look I told you that's like, none of your business.

Brian : I knew it! Angela seriously you should like, be careful...because like, a lot of girls these days are like, getting preg-

(Sharon starts sobbing)
Angela: SHUT UP! God Brian! I am not going to a motel with Jordan Catalano! OK!?!?!?!

Brian: Oh so what, do you guys like, do it in his car or something?

Angela: (almost laughingly) You know what? You are like, so out of touch with reality. I am NOT sleeping with Jordan Catalano, ok? So like, get it out of your head.

Brian: (looking relieved) Ok...well how was I supposed to know that.

Angela: You weren't, because it's not like, any of your business.

AngelaVO: Don't you just hate the way that certain people are like, able to like, extract all this information out of you? Just by being, like, really really nosy and constantly jumping to the most outrageous conclusions...without like, any support or evidence.

Sharon: (to Brian) I thought you were leaving.

Brian: I was. I am. (leaves)

Sharon: Well...I'm not going to Bio...I'm gonna go find Kyle, cause like, I have to tell him, sooner or later, right?

Angela: (nodding)Yeah. Yeah for sure, you should.

Sharon: (half talking to Angela, half to herself) Yeah...I think I will. See you later.

Angela: Ok

Sharon: Oh, and Angela?

Angela: yeah?

Sharon: (teary eyed) Thanks. For being there, I mean. (they hug)

Angela: (teary eyed as well) Anytime. (smiles and puts Sharon's hair behind her ear) It'll be ok.

Sharon: I hope so.

They walk in opposite directions. Angela decides to skip Bio and go:

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