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The Interactive FanFiction Story

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Chapter 13: Loud mouth keeps interrupting

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Chapter 13: Loud mouth keeps interrupting

written by Zy'Rina

added on: 27 Jul 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Hallie see's what Angela and Jordan are doing, while she carrying their cokes on her way to their table. she smiles to herself thinking how they remind of her and her past relationships.

Hallie-Well, i got you guys some cokes

(Jordan and Angela looks up and see's Hallie, they quickly break away from eachother.)

Hallie-Well i see you guys are at it already aye?

Angela(nervous laugh) uhh...thanks for the drinks.

(Hallie invites her self to take a seat with angela and jordan)

Hallie-You remind me and my boyfriends that i had back in highschool.

Angela-boyfriendsss???(stretches out the S on boyfriends)

Hallie-Oh, well yeah i guess you could say i got around. we used to have this little poll or something when i was a junior it was a poll about the junior girls. and would you guess what i was voted for, i was put down as girl who has a different boyfriend every week. That was so not true, my longest relationship in highschool lasted for a year and 6 months, and let me tell yah that was a long time for someone like me. I ended up breaking up with him because i wanted to flirt with other guys. i got tired of being faithful to him i guess.

Angela-Wow Hallie, thats really mean i think, you broke up with the guy cuz u couldn't handle not cheatin on him. You sound like this girl i know, named Rayanne. We had this poll for sophmore girls and she was voted most slut potential..(ackward smile) i was voted most innocent girl. i dont even think i'm that innocent to start with.

Hallie(laughs really loud) OH MY GOD, you are so innocent, i bet you're a virgin aren't you?

Angela-YES! whats wrong with that.

Hallie-no, no, nothing i juss..well you are kind of innocent you have that look. doesn't she have that look Jordan , she's like an angel or something? (smiles)

Jordan-(smiles) yeah she does have that look, her name even has angel in it.

Hallie-OH MY GOD! i like never noticed that...but really thats great you're a virgin, i hope you didn't get the wrong idea. i was just saying it because..well i was your age when i think i gave it up, it was on my 15th birthday.
Wow that was the day of my life, never will forget that.
...WELP i guess your food is probably done, poor graham is back there working so hard, you should go back there and see him before you guys leave.


Angela-she is the wildest woman i have ever met.

Jordan-Yeah she where were we before we were interrupted by that loud lady.

Angela-(pulls away and smiles) maybe later here come Hallie again.

Jordan-Dang, didn't she just leave, she's back already. o well, later i guess.

Hallie come back with their food.....

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