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The Interactive FanFiction Story

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Chapter 14: What Are Friends For!!

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Chapter 14: What Are Friends For!!

written by Mileena

added on: 13 Sep 2005 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Just as the sun is setting, Jordan's car is pulling up infront of Sharon's house. He parks the car along side the curb, turning it off.

Angela: I don't know how long this is gonna take...

Jordan: (Looks at her) I don't mind waiting.

Angela: (Smiles faintly) You sure?

Jordan: I'm sure.

Angela: (Opens the door) Ok...(She gets out and closes the door.)

Jordan watches her walk to front door from the car.

Angela rings the door bell, glancing over her shoulder at Jordan, waiting for someone to answer the door. She folds her arms, shivering from the chilly air. A second later, Sharon opens the door, looking as if she had been doing a lot of crying. Angela's eyes widen with concern. Before she can say anything, Sharon opens the door wider.

Sharon: (In a chocked voice) Come in.

Angela goes in, with Sharon closing the door behind her. Jordan gets out of his car then, leaning against it and lights a cigarette.

Inside Sharon's house, the rest of the lights are off except for one lamp. Sharon starts walking up the stairs, and Angela follows her.

Angela: Where's your parents?

Sharon: They went out to dinner.

They reach the second floor, and go into Sharon's room. Sharon sits down on her bed, looking ready to cry again. Angela sits down next to her, looking at her with concern.

Angela: Talk to me Sharon...

Sharon: (Blinks back tears) I...I talked to Kyle...and...and he acused me of cheating on him.

Angela: (Mouth drops in shock) What!! I can't believe him!!

Sharon: (Sniffeling) He broke up with me...and called me a liar...(Begins crying)...I thought he really cared about me...just goes to show how stupid I was.

Angela: (Shakes her head) No, no...(Hugs her, stoking her hair) Your not stupid...

Sharon: (Hugs her, crying on her shoulder) I shouldn't have gotten back together with him, all he wanted was sex.

Angela: Don't blame yourself Sharon...guys can be such jerks sometimes.

Sharon: (Pulls away, smiling faintly) Yeah, they can, especially moron jocks like Kyle...

Angela: (Smiles somewhat) For sure...(Serious) So do you like...know for sure know...if your pregnent or not.

Sharon: (Sighs, wiping her eyes) I went to the hospital after's offical, I am.

Angela: (Eyes widden with more shock) Oh my god...what are you going to do?

Sharon: I don't know, what would you do? (Looks at her for advice)

Angela: (Thinks) What would I do...well...if something like this happened with Jordan, I know I'd tell him, then I'd most likely tell my parents.

Sharon: (Nods) I'll tell them when I'm ready, as if I can keep this a secret for 9 months...(Laughs softly)

Angela: (Laughs too) I'm sure they'll understand...and they'll probably know what do.

Sharon: (Calmer) We should have been more careful...(Looks at Angela seriously) Promise me you'll be careful with Jordan. Don't let what happened to me, happen to you.

Angela: I promise.

Sharon: (Smiles) Thanks for being there Angela, it really means a lot to me.

Angela: (Smiles) What are friends for.

Sharon: (Gets up and looks out the window) I think you've kept Jordan waiting long enough.

Angela (VO): Jordan Catalano kept me waiting too, but this time, it's reversed, like he gets to feel what I did. When did all this happen? When did I become the object of someone's desire? (Watches as Jordan throws his cigarette away) It's one of those questions that you can't know the answer too...(Looks at Sharon) I can only imagine what Sharon is going through. She and Kyle were like the ideal couple, and I used to be jealous of what she and Kyle had...because I wanted the same thing with I have what I wanted.

Angela: At least he cares enough to wait this time.

Sharon: I'm glad to hear it...but if he hurts you again, I'll kill him.

Angela: (Rolls her eyes, grinning) I'm sure.

Sharon: (Side grin) does it feel having him as a boyfriend?

Angela: Unreal.

Sharon: (Sits back down on her bed) Do you miss having Rayanne as a friend?

Angela: (Frowns, sits on the other bed) Sometimes, but I can't forget what she did...and how much it hurt.

Sharon: (Nods) She really doesn't have any friends at the moment...except me.

Angela: (Looks at her, surprised) What?

Sharon: I know, it's weird, but she really feels bad about what she did.

Angela: (Shakes her head) She never said she was sorry, and she refuses to talk about what she did.

Sharon: Angela, think about's not an easy thing to talk about.

Angela: (Hair tuck) I know...but even if I did forgive her, things will never be the same between us.

Sharon: True, but I know you can't hate her forever.

Angela: (Sighs) Yeah, but I'm not ready to take a chance with her yet...not yet.

Sharon: Well, I'm sure it will all work out in the you said, everything will be alright.

Angela: It's life huh.

Sharon: And we're still in high school.

They both laugh.

Cut to Jordan and Angela parked infront of Angela's house. They are kissing.

Angela: (Pulls away) I better go.

Jordan: (Kisses her cheek) I'll pick you up in the morning.

Angela: Ok...Night. (Get out of the car)

Jordan: Night. (He starts the car, and drives off)

Angela watches him go, beaming.

Fade Out

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