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Chapter 11: Day Dreams

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Chapter 11: Day Dreams

written by Dazzler

added on: 15 Dec 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela smiles as she approaches the blechers, Jordan is there, smoking a cigaretter.

Angela: (Hair tuck) Hey.

Jordan: (Looks at her) Hey. (Takes a wiff of his cigarette)

Angela: (Leans against a bar) I thought about what you said.

Jordan: What's that? (Blows out a stream of smoke)

Angela: About wanting something so bad, you'd do just about anything to get it.

Jordan: (Smiles slightly) You are that something to me....I mean.....(He tosses the cigarette, and faces her) Since I met to know you....You're like....the better half of me.

Angela: (Surprised) Really...

Jordan: (Running a hand through his hair) Yeah. Without you....I don't feel complete.

Angela: (Approaches him, and places her hands on his shoulders) I had a big imagination when it came to you. (They stare into each others eyes) I had all these day dreams about you and me.

Jordan: (Places his hands on her waist) I had day dreams about you too.

Angela: (Rests her head on his chest) Maybe we can make our daydreams real...

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