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Chapter 7: Interuppted Thoughts

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Chapter 7: Interuppted Thoughts

written by Alison

added on: 31 Dec 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela looks away from Jordan as her eyes swell with tears. She regains focus and makes direct eye contact with him before saying...
Angela: I know how you are and I know how you were thinking when you had Brian write that note, but what you did really messes with my emotions and thoughts, and I just can't, like shrug it off.
Jordan: (his eyebrows meet innocently in the middle of his forehead-like the words Angela said made him realize the depth of what he did. He looks down as he fumbles with the bottom of his brown coat.) I...I just, I'm sorry Angela. (his eyes meet hers) I can't...,(he clears his throat and his voice gets softer, almost like a whisper),...I mean, I know that I was wrong, but you know how when you want something so badly, it makes you do anything to get it? (under his breath) Or something like that?
Angela: (nods her head and swallows the air that she has been holding in.)
Jordon: Well, you were that "something", I guess, and I thought that I couldn't "get" you by myself. (Jordan figets with his black cord necklace and lets out a deep sigh) The thing is, Angela, is that I can have words like planned out in my mind to say to you. But when I see you everything stops, including my brain. ( He looks at her pleadingly) Please, just don't like give up on me yet.

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