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Chapter 6: Left in the Sun

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Chapter 6: Left in the Sun

written by anonymous author

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

They stand there waiting for the other one to start the conversation. After a while, Angela turns to leave beacuse she doesn't want to have to start the "talk". Jordon turns her around.
Jordon: Angela wait, I mean, we have to talk but, it's like, I don' how to start.
Angela: Well if you know what you need to talk to me about why don't you start with that.
Jordon: What?
Angela: What do you need to talk to me about?
Jordon:Um... (he looks around nevrously)...So...Us.
Angela: : Us? How?
Jordon: I need to tell you how I feel. I guess.
Angela:( she waits a long time, not sure if she is ready to hear what he has to say. Finally she decides she has to know)
Jordon: Ok,( he thinks for a long time) it's sorta like this. Have you ever like seen this movie, at the movie theatre, that like, you really liked. And before it was even over you knew you wanted to buy it, or whatever when it came out. And when you get it, you like know you can watch it anytime you want to, so you like don't take care of it, or like keep it out of the sun or whatever, and then it gets ruined, and you can't watch it anymore, and you hate yourself for like , taking it for granted, or...yeah.
Angela:(not sure of any of this) Yeah I think.
Jordon: Thats what happened to you.
Angela: (sarcastic) You left me in the sun?
Jordon: (Getting frustrated) NO, like I had you, and I took you for granted. Then I didn't know how to make it better...
Angela (interupting) So you asked brian to.
Jordon NO!...yeah, well sorta. I can't like express how I feel, and so then I talked to Brain about it cuz he's been helping me and stuff, and he said it in his words and it was exactly how I felt.
Angela:(VO) I can't believe I'm having this conversation with him, and i've only said like, two sentences.
Jordon: So I guess, the best way to put is, I really still care about you. And I'm going to try to be a better person, or whatever, and if you hate me, I will still care about you.

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