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Chapter 21: Another side to Angela

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The story so far

Chapter 21: Another side to Angela

written by huie

added on: 15 Aug 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman


Out of veiw-

Jordan- Angela,(In between kisses) I can't (Kiss) just be your friend, (kiss) and...

Jordan and Angela come into veiw. They are moving in and out of veiw. They are all over eachother. Jordan is holding her head with both hands. Angela is playing with his collar with her left hand, and stroking the back of his hair with her right.

Jordan- (Kiss) and I can't (Stops kissing her, and looks at her longingly, straight in her eyes. slowly says) I can't not be someone either.

Angela- I know... (They stare at eachother for a while, until they finally give in. As though they share the same mind, Jordan and Angela push each other together. They meet in a passionate kiss. You can easily see that they have missed each other.)

The pair, still lost in each other, slowly make there way to thier normal spot. Angela ia walking backwards, while Jordan leads the way. Still lost in Jordan, angela bumps into something. She figures it's nothing, and ignores it. This goes on for over five minutes, until what Angela feels makes its way up her back. This makes her jump and break the kiss. Jordan, not realizing, gazes into her eyes, and than at her lips. He goes in for another kiss, but Angela pushes him away. He is shocked by this.

Jordan- (confused and angry) What? (he wipes his lips, and checks his breath.)

Angela- (Can't speak, all she can do is point to something out of veiw.)

Jordan- (follows her finger to see what she is pointing at. his eyes turn from confustion, into shock and slight amusment. He half smiles) Hey Brain.

With this, Delia and Brian break apart, both in shock.

Brian- (Focusing mostly on Angela) Ummm... hey.

Delia- (Her shock turns to giddness. She is happy that Angela has seen her and Brian together.) Hey Angela... (Stops) and umm... I don't know you.

Jordan- I'm Jord-

Angela- (Rudely) I don't think were here to meet new people, and make new friends.

Angela VO- What it really boiled down to was that Delia had already taken two boys from me already, and she, and he (Brian) just annoyed me. End of story.

The couples stand there looking at each other.

Jordan- (looks down at his watch) Well the period is almost over so-

Angela- (inturrupting Jordan) Can you guys, like, leave?

Brian- (Angry) As I remember, we were here first.

Angela- (just as rude) Well, this is kinda our spot. It isn't kinda... it is. So, go.

Delia- (Kindly) That's okay, we need to get to class anyway.

Delia takes Brian's hand, and leads him out.

Angela- Bye-Bye.

Jordan just sits there, shocked.

Jordan- I never seen you like that before.

Angela- (Back to innocent self) Like what.

Jordan- Like mean. (Starts to inch closer to her.) It's... kinda sexy.

Angela-(Surprised) Well, what can I say... I can be a bitch when I wan to b-

Jordan inturrupts her with a hard kiss. Scene fades.

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