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Chapter 14: A little change would do you good

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Chapter 14: A little change would do you good

written by bianca

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela:(putting the dye cap on)

Rickey:so now we're supposed to let the color set for 15 minutes,then wash it out and apply the special conditioner.

Angela:IS it supposed to smell like this?The bottle said it had a new,aromatic scent.

Rickey:(crinkling his nose)Aromatic chemical factory.

AngelaVO:ok,I decided to dye my hair again.Nothing too drastic.My Crimson Glow was growing out anyways.Rickey and I had decided on a strawberry blond color.Ginger Haze Shimmer.Rickey says that it will bring out my eyes.

Angela:So Rickey,..are Delia Fisher and Brian Krackow some couple now?

Rickey:(rolling his eyes)I don't know.I haven't really talked to him in a couple of days.

Angela:I know it's stupid,but now that Brian and Jordan aren't like,consuming my mind anymore.Like my life suddenly has no meaning and that my introspectiond have no dept.

Rickey:(nodding)That's understandable.It's probably easier to have someone there to like.I mean,it gives you something to work towards...instead of searching all the time.For someone you like.

Angela:(thoughtfully)Yeah..but something else is bothering me too.

Rickey:What is it?

Angela:(looking embarrassed)After I found out Brian wrote that letter,it was like I realized there was a whole side to Brian that I didn't know.A real...sensitive side.I was kind of looking foward to getting to know that side better.

Rickey:You could always try just being friends with him.

Angela:Yeah,...but wouldn't that be kind of pointless?To have things go back the way they were again?

Rickey:Not neccesarily.You could try,like really talking to him.And being nice.Other than the times you need to borrow his book,or something.

Angela:(wincing)I know I deserved that.

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    Chapter 15: the curse by lucy! (10 Nov 1999)
    3 more subchapters.
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