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Chapter 10: why do all the new girls love brian krakow?

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Chapter 10: why do all the new girls love brian krakow?

written by ?

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Brian rolls his eyes back.

Brian: God. It's just so easy for you isn't it? You think you can just go and, and assume that, that things will like just change. Just for you.(silence)I can't let my whole life be decided by your mood swings. Don't consider me an option in your life anymore.

Brian starts to walk away
Angela: (stunned)Brian? (he keeps walking, calling after him) Krakow!?!

walking down the corridor.
Brian VO: so with, an almost clear blow, I changed my whole life. It was like, it waslike, I was living for Angela Chase, she was like, this continual pressure, or something. Like, this life force. And now, that, she was gone. I can only feel, this release. Like, my life is finally is *mine*.
(Brian does a shaky smile, that finally relaxes into a genuine smile)

next day at school:
Rayanne and Rickie are walking down the corridor, they pass by a guy. Rayanne looks him up and down.
Rayanne: hi, are you easy?
the guy walks away
Rickie: (laughing slightly)uh, Rayanne? That was Brian.You know, Krakow. He had a haircut.
Rayanne: (hides a shocked face)I, I knew that. As if I would make a pass at Brian Krakow. What am I? New to the school?
Rickie: right. of course.

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