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Chapter 22: evil angela

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The story so far

Chapter 22: evil angela

written by anonymous author

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela retreated to the girl's room and as she suspected, Rickey was there putting on eyeliner that she had given her

Angela: hey rickey

Rickey:HEy angela. ugh, why does this stuff have to be so goopy?

Angela: cospiracy is my theory

Rickey:( laughs,and turns around). So, whats the problem?

Angela: why do you think there's a problem?

Rickey: you always come to me with problems. like clockwork( looks up at the ceiling)

Angela: ( bites her lip) I'm sorry rickey. Never mind

rickey: (laughs) no way! I wouldnt let you suppress those feelings in your head, you might pop. my life is your problems!

Angela:( laughs). gee,thanks.'s not really a problem..

Rickey: but it's something?

Angela: No,'ll never beleieve who I saw come out of the Boiler room

Rickey: Brian and or delia?

Angela: ( looking in disbelief) how did you know? Does brian about it. going down there with her?

Rickey: no, it was just my guess.What else would make you upset? besides seeing rayanne and jordan come out of the boiler room or something.

Angela: bad joke. and I'm not upset.It's just...weird.I'm confused

Rickey:( turns around) Look have to decide what you want

Angela: what do you mean?

Rickey: OK, who you want

Angela: I dont want anybody. I dont think .I dont know. Things were so much simpler a couple weeks ago

Rickey: things are never simple in your life Angela

Angela: true. Just...before rayanne and jordan. before the letters..I was almost getting over jordan. Now my emotions are all bunched up

Rickey: do you know what you want angela?

Angela: no, I dont.I'm not sure.

Rickey: well, you should start figuring that out

Angela: I know........

AngelaVO: Rickey can always see right through me. its annoying, it's like you can never mask your feelings with him, he can just...tell

Angela: ( laughs)

Rickey: Whats so funny?

Angela: I think I got Brian in trouble. you see, I talked to delia and she said that she had asked brian to have dinner with her parents ,and he made up some lame exscuse about having to help me study. She asked me if I could swich it to another night so of course...being the saint that I am..said yes, another night would e fine. looks like brian will be having a great time mingling with delia's parents tonight

Rickey: angela?

Angela: yeah?

Rickey:( bursts out laughing). you are cruel

Angela: Maybe its a whole new me emerging. scheming angela, the villain in a soap opera. It sure as hell would be more fun than acting like a saint

Rickey: ( rolls his eyes and looks down at the floor) ohhh, boy.....

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