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Chapter 18: SEX

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Chapter 18: SEX

written by Lyndsey

added on: 30 May 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

(Rayanne is leaning on the locker next to Rickie's. Rickie pulls out a few books and looks over at Angela walking down the hall. Rayanne stops talking and follows Rickie's eyes to Angela. Rayanne notices Angela wearing Jordan's shirt and her eyes become very wide.)

Rayanne: (laughing) No! Are..are you kiddin' me? (speaking to people walking by in the hallway. She stops one nevrous looking boy) My best friend, little miss Angela Chase? (grabbing his shirt, and looking very dramatically into his eyes) She...she.. had SEX...with him?!? ( at the verge of tears) How could she do that?!?! (she pretends to cry and hugs the boy. He pushes her away gently and walks quickly away. Rayanne bursts out laughing and falls on the floor)
Rickie:Oh my gosh,like, did you, seriously...?
Angela: (completely red, smiles) Yes, yes, Rickie. I had sex with Jordan Catalano.
Rayanne: (stands up and moves right up to Angela, almost whispering), like are you a new woman now? Rickie, (taking Angela's face in her hands) can't you see it? Our little baby girl is all grown up? (looks deep into Angela's eyes.) My god, we've done a great job corrupting you.
(They all laugh as the bell rings)

(That night after work at the restaurant, Graham and Hallie close up. There is nervous tension in the room)
Hallie:( a long pause. Trying to break the ice) I swear we need to hire a kitchen staff for you Graham, you're going to kill yourself.
Graham: (looks up from putting things away) I guess we could, but , I mean, we're doing fine so far with just us and a couple of waiters. Do we really need to?
Hallie: (squeezing past to put away some plates) I'm just saying that I don't want you to work yourself to death in here. Because I had this friend once, that knew this guy and he..( interupted)
Graham: (yelling) HALLIE! I said that I am fine! Stop worring about it! Just SHUT UP!(he turns around and leans against the sink)
Hallie :(after a long, uncormfortable pause, starts to silently cry)Well, I'd better just leave you alone then.
Graham: (realizing she is crying turns around) Hallie, look I'm sorry, you just kind of push me over the edge sometimes.( He takes a couple of chairs off the table and he motions for her to sit)
Hallie: (starting to weep..stares at the floor) I..I've just been so alone since..since Brad left. I mean, he always had those stupid theories about people, and I doubt he ever had one about himself. I..I just want to be loved.(she looks up) Wha...What would...happen..if we...( shakes her head) I know I'm not the only one feeling this. ( there is a pause and Hallie leans in and kisses Graham. She wraps her hands around his neck and he holds her in his arms. They knock the table over and clang into a bunch of different pots and pans. Graham pulls away.)
Graham: I...I don't think..(Hallie doesn't seem to care and kisses him some more and soon he doesn't care much either)

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