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Chapter 14: when it happens , u'll know

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Chapter 14: when it happens , u'll know

written by anonymous author

added on: 10 Sep 2005 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

angela's at laying on her bed
angelavo: i can not believe this , why iam i like this why do i like feel this way about brian... i have to talk to him, like rite now, like right this second ...

patty yelling from downstairs
patty:angela come down and set the tabel
angela: coming
the doorbell rings
angela: i'll get it
angela hopinmg its brian
its jordan
jordan: hey
angela: hi
angela: why are u here
jordan: i needed to talk to u
patty:angela who is it
patty walks over sees jordan ,
patty: hi jor...dan
patty:how are u
angela:mom, he was just leaving
patty:angela... jordan would u like to come in?
jordan:uhhh... ok
angela dirty look on her face
patty from the kitchen
patty: so jordan have u ate?
graham:hey jordan what a surprise
angela: i think u should leave...
jordan:can we like go somewhere?
jordan: so wat smells so good?
graham:its lemonfish with pepper
jordan : cool
graham:wanna see how u cook it
jordan walks over was angela just stares angerly watching jordan , than the door bell rings.
angela goes to get it
angela: hey
brian: hi
angela: umm brian
brian: i like need this book i lent u, this atlas
angela: why... i dont have it
brian: u have to i like lent it to u like 5 months ago?
angela: and u like need it now?
brian:no but its my atlas and like i need it back
patty: hi brian
brian: hi... so can u get it angela?
patty: what?
angela: this atlas , that i dont even like have
patty: oh
patty walks into the kitchen and brian sees jordan in there helping graham cook.
brian has a confused and angry look on his face,
angela : look brian i dont have the atlas so... could u have mabey lent it to sharon or something?
brian: umm yeah probably i..i have to go
angela: why?
brian looks over at jordan (who doesnt see him)
angela sees
brian: so i have to go, iam going
angela : brian... wait
brian leaves though the door, leving his jaket behinde.
angela lays aganst the door...
patty : did brian get his book
angela looks over to see his jaket
angela: i tired iam mean iam gonna go to bed
jordan walks over
jordan: well gtg
angela: iam going to bed
jordan:see ya at skool
patty: i thinks shes just tired...
jordan oh,
angela lays on her bed...

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