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The Interactive FanFiction Story

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Chapter 15: Sloppy kisses

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Chapter 15: Sloppy kisses

written by Huie

added on: 07 Sep 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Shane- So I'm in this band... we're called residue.

Blonde 1- Yeah... Jordan's band? (Scans the crowd)

Shane- Well, It isn't really his band-

Blonde 1-I know, but he sings in it. (Looks over Shane's shoulder)

Shane- Well not really, we-

Blonde 1- Where is he?

Shane- Um, who?

Blonde 2- Mel has been looking for Jordan... Remember?

Shane- Oh, (Nervous laugh) right.

Mel (Blonde1)- So, where is he? (Impatient)

Shane- That's ah, well, that's a long story.

Mel- Where is he Shane?...(turning to Blonde 2) Dana why did we even ask him?

Dana (Blonde 2)- (Looking at Shane) Because I think he's cute.

Shane smiles at Dana in a mescheivious way.

Mel- (To Dana) Sweetie, your drunk.

Shane- (Turning to Mel) Hey!

Dana- I don't care. I'm hungry, and I don't mean for food.

Mel- (Sighs) Where is he Shane!

Shane and Dana begin to make-out.

Mel- Whatever! I guess I'm hungry too... in more ways than one.

She makes her way to the house, and then the kitchen. She opens the fridge to only find beer.

Mel- Doesn't anyone eat here!

She then decides to go in the living room and watch some TV, to find Angela on top of Jordan making out.

Mel- (not noticing it's Jordan) Get a room!

Angela and Jordan break away from each other. And look at Mel.

Mel- Jordan? (Disgusted)

Jordan- Who are you? And how do you know me?

Angela and Jordan look up at her for the answers.

Mel- I'm Mel... remember? That party a couple weeks back?

Angela looks down at Jordan, waiting for him to confirm, or deny.

Jordan- Um (nervous) Hey.

Angela- So you admit you know her?

Jordan- (trying to pick his words) I don't know her, know her. She was at this party that I went to, I think.

Mel- You don't remember?? You were upset about something and I eased your pain. (flirty smile)

Angela- (Getting off of him- hurt) Oh.

Jordan- (pulling her back on him) Angela, don't be like this.

Angela- Like what Jordan? (Trys to get her waist out of his grip)

Jordan- Like mad at me... like you think I'm going to cheat on you or something.

Mel- Wait... this is your girlfriend? (Shocked)

Jordan- (Ignoring the question) You know all I want is you. Come on, stay with me.

He looks up at her with a puppy face. She stops trying to break free of him, and looks down at him, contemplating.

Mel- *This* is the girl you were upset about at the party?

Jordan- (Finally adknowledging Mel) Yeah, what about it?

Angela lets out a faint smile, glad that Jordan had been upset about her.

Mel- (Looks Angela up and down) I just think you could have done better.

Angela- (Finally breaks out of Jordan's grip and stands up) What is that supposed to mean?

Mel- (Bitchy) What I mean is that he (Points to Jordan) Could have done better then (points to Angela), maybe more on the lines of something like (points to herself). Got it???

Long Silence

Angela- You know, I don't even know you so...(Eyes water) I'm not going to do this. I'm, ahh, (Stops). Fighting with a total stranger about a guy just isn't me. I'll, I'm just going to leave.

Jordan- Angela, stay.

Angela- No, it's okay... I'm okay. (Tear falls)

She begins to leave quickly.

Jordan pulls her back on the couch. He pulls her into a hug. Angela rests her head on his chest, helplessly.

Jordan- (Whispers in Angela's ear) You already left me once, if you leave me again, your going to kill me.(He kisses her forehead, and looks up at Mel. His face is full anger. His voice is low, barely hearable) Why did you have to say that?

Mel- (Mel shrugs.) She has something that I want... and I never let anything get between me and something I want.

Jordan- Well, your going to have to find someone else to want because I got what I want. And I'm satisfied.

Mel- Like *I* said, nothing gets in my way.

With that she leaves sort of in a "You haven't seen the last of me" sort of way.

Angela silently cries on Jordan's shoulder. He strokes her head, not sure what to say. finally he brakes the silence.

Jordan- You know, what she said, it isn't true.

He lets Angela soak that in, and then begins again.

Jordan- sometimes I ask myself the same thing. You know, like, why do you want me? Like no matter what I did, you always were saying hi. Even when I didn't adknowledge you as a person you were there. I have hurt you so many times, yet you still are here. I mean, I can't read, I don't talk well, I have no skills. (Starts picking at a whole in his jeans) You derserve better Angela.

Angela looks up at him.

Angela- But I want *you* Jordan, I can't change that. And your right, I do derserve to be adknowledged, but you've changed, and you treat me well now. And you are so talented, you just don't see it. *I* see it.

She gently kisses him and pulls away quickly. His is in awe.

Jordan- What was that?

Angela- A kiss...

Jordan- (Laughs) That was *not* a kiss.

Angela- Let's see you do better.

Jordan- I'll be happy to.

He jumps on her and begins to plafully sloppy kiss her- half mouth, half tounge.

Angela- Yuck! I'm all spitty!

Jordan- I'll get that for you.

He than licks her lips and neck.

Angela- (Laughs) You are so gross! (Yet she doesn't stop him)

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