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Chapter 13: Interuptions

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Chapter 13: Interuptions

written by Huie

added on: 19 Aug 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

The kitchen door slams open.

Jordan and Angela tear their eyes away from eachother to see what all the is racket is about. Surprisingly, they are still kiss as thier eyes move to the door.

Shane- (Throws his arms up, and obnoxiously says-) Hey Jordan!

With this Angela breaks the kiss and quickly gets off of Jordan's lap. She turns the other way (Not facing the boys) in embarassment. She tucks her hair back. Jordan sits there, looking at her. He looks dissapointed, and stares at the back of her head longingly. Knowing that she isn't going to turn around, his stare turns to Shane, obviously angry and annoyed.

Jordan- (eyes narrow) What is *so* important Shane?

Shane- (Loudly whispers, ) Hey, well I just wanted to tell you that I got two hot blondes outside. The one is like begging for you, and the other is drunk enough for me. So I was wondering, after you know, your done with (Points to Angela, still whispering loudly) her, you can make your way outside.

Jordan looks at him disgusted.

Shane- (Taking the look the wrong way) Oh don't worry man, I can like come back in here and say that I need you or something, and then you can just leave her, or whatever.

Angela- (hearing enough, turns around, close to tears.) You know, I *can* hear you.

Shane- (slowly his eyes make their way to Angela. Innocently-) Oh hi. Umm we wern't talking about you. (laughs)I was just about to tell Jordan that we have to go, because there is this thing with Residue, and he can't miss it, so-

Angela- (inturrupting) You don't have to explain. I'll just save you the trouble and leave.

Shane- Hey thanx.

Angela- (Softly as she walks to the door) No problem.

Shane- (Calling after her) Your hot, in a weird way , ya know, for a redhead!

Angela turns around and smiles in a rude manner.

Angela- Gee, thanx.

Angela leaves. All Jordan can do is look at Shane.

Shane- Well, (shrugs) she is. (Thinks to himself) If she were a blonde, then (eyes widen)

Jordan stands up and gets in Shane's face.

Jordan- You know that your talkin about *my* girlfriend?

Shane- (finally guessing Jordan's emotion correctly.) Oh sorry man, (Steps back) I didn't know.

Jordan- Dude, you are so stupid... now she is mad at me... *again*.

Shane- Who cares. Like I said I got these two hot girls out there. I think the yours is in college man! (Slaps him in a "way to go!" way.

Jordan steps closer to him again.

Shane- Sence when does Jordan Catalano do the girlfriend, boyfriend thing anyways?

Jordan- Sence I met her.

Shane- God, man. What has gotten in to you? She did something to you.

Jordan- Yeah. (To himself) She made me actually happy.

Shane- (leaning over to try to hear) Yeah your right, girlfriends are way too sappy. They are happy, and then they are mad. They are all emotions!(Stops. fake punches him) And that (punch) is why (punch) Jordan Catalano (punch) doesn't do girlfriends (Fake upper-cut).

Jordan stands there looking at Shane, emotionless.

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