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The Interactive FanFiction Story

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Chapter 8: Anticipation

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Chapter 8: Anticipation

written by Joie

added on: 03 Nov 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

(MR KATIMSKI looks at class, then at ANGELA and JORDAN.)

KATIMSKI: (sighs) Okay, we have to....get on. Right, are you two (to ANGELA and JORDAN) going to...stick to these parts now?

JORDAN: Whatever.


KATIMSKI: Okay. Now we're getting somewhere. Gee whiz! It's only a play, people. Not a life or death situation....Okay. Who have we got for...Narrator?


(BRIAN is at his locker. He looks peeved)

BVO: How is it, that whenever I, like, have a chance to do something with Angela Chase. Even, like, talk to her, Jordan Catalano is there. Just there. Polluting the air, like, like some kind of...

(BRIAN sees ANGELA and JORDAN walking together at the end of the hallway)


(BRIAN slams his locker shut, and walks off, brushing past RAYANNE and RICKIE who walk towards us)

RAYANNE: I suppose the fact that Angela wanted to switch roles is also, like, my fault? (RICKIE says nothing, and gives her a look) Don't look at me like that, Vasquez. I did it as a favour, you know, like, a friendship thing. Why do I get the feeling that, whenever anything goes wrong for Angela in the future, or anything, like, I do for her doesn't turn out, it's gonna be, like, my fault?

RICKIE: (sarcastic) I don't know, why do you get that feeling?

RAYANNE: Totally unfunny...So, are you coming tonight, or are you, like, not?

RICKIE: Coming?

RAYANNE: You know, I told you.

RICKIE: You so did not.

RAYANNE: I told you when you were in the stall? In the girl's room?

RICKIE: I didn't even see you in the girl's room today.

RAYANNE: Oh well, I issued someone an invitation to Tino's party in the girl's room.

RICKIE: Well, it wasn't me.

RAYANNE: Anyway, coming, or not coming?

RICKIE: (doubtful) Tino's?

RAYANNE: Come on Vasquez, you need to, like, chill out. There will be, like, so many hot guys there. It's variety store!

RICKIE: If you're talking about Tino's so-called friends, I don't remember any of them being particularly hot.



JORDAN: So...there's like...this party. At Tino's place. Tonight. You, like, wanna go or something?

ANGELA: Uh, yeah. I guess.

JORDAN: Well, you know, we don't have to. I'm just, like, asking, right?

ANGELA: No, no. I want to go.

JORDAN: Great.

(JORDAN and ANGELA kiss)



SHARON: So, she just, like, invited you? For, like, no reason?

DELIA: Yeah, totally. I was, like, in the stall. And she suddenly runs in, says "Hey, Tino's tonight. I'll meet you there at 8." And then she's like, gone. I mean, I don't even know any Tino...

SHARON: That is, like, so typical. She blows it with Angela, now she's like, looking for someone else to get her claws into.

DELIA: I thought you were, like, her friend or something?

SHARON: Well, yeah. But, I mean, not like, that close, you know? She kind of has this habit of totally, like, picking up new best friends, and then, like doing something terrible to them, like, utterly betraying them, and then, like, finding someone else.

DELIA: Oh, my God.

SHARON: Yeah, I mean, we're kind of friends, and all, but I wouldn't get too close. You better watch out, you know.

DELIA: Yeah...but I thought, like, Rickie was her best friend.

(SHARON shrugs)

SHARON: Well, I mean, I don't really know where he fits into the picture. To be honest.

DELIA: You know, he is, like, the nicest person.

SHARON: I'm sure he is. He'd have to be to put up with that for so long. (Pause) So, are you going?

DELIA: Should I?

SHARON says:

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