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Chapter 12: Connected

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Chapter 12: Connected

written by Huie

added on: 19 Aug 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Jordan- Ummm... (looking at Rayanne, confused grin) What are you doing?

Rayanne- (Quickly shuts the drawer she is looking in.) What are you talking about... we, I was, um, where's the bathroom?

Jordan- (Annoyed) Graff, it isn't like you haven't been here before. Really, what are you doi-

He is inturruped by a unexpected, and intence kiss from Angela. She kisses him with so much force that he literally falls back, but catches himself by grabing the back of a kitchen chair. He realizes what is happening, and then recipicates with as much, if not more passion than Angela. He slowly lets himself fall into the chair.

Still in the kiss, Angela moves her body on to his lap. Her legs wrap around his waist. A little into the kiss, her eyes abruptly open. She first looks at Jordan, to make sure his eyes are closed. Then she quickly shoots Rayanne and Rickie a look.

She takes her hand and brings it to the back of Jordan's head, her eyes still open, and makes a singnal to them to get out. Rickie thanx her and runs for the door. She winks at him. Rayanne just stands there looking at Angela and Jordan as they kiss. Her face is in between a proud smile, and a sexy grin. Angela sees this and shoots Rayanne a "I like doing this, but I can't forever so get OUT!" look. Rickie sees that Rayanne isn't budging, and isn't planning on budging in the near future, so he decides to pull her out himself. They finally leave. Angela then focuses back on Jordan. She looks at him a while- he has no idea what just took place. She takes her thumb and traces his face with it.

Angela VO- I have looked at Jordan like a zillion times before. (Long pause) But looking at him now, he seemed like a totally diffrent person. He looks so, so, (Searching for the right word)... innocent. Him looking like this, like right now, was sort of, i don't know weird. (Trying to quickly explain herself) Because, because, while he was looking so sweet and innocent, what he was doing, with his tounge, (Dreamy sighs, almost embarassed) totally wasn't... so sweet and innocent.

Jordan VO- When me and Angela kiss sometimes, I kinda like to do this embarassing thing. (Sighs, as if unsure if he should say what he is going to)

Jordan opens his eyes.

Jordan VO- I like to look at her. You know just to watch her. It's just this thing, that I like to do.

He looks up at Angela, to his surprize he finds her looking back at him. They both quickly shut their eyes in embarassment.

Jordan VO- That was the first time, ever, that I have been caught.

They kiss eachother, eyes closed, for a while. Their kiss has slowed down, and is a lot more gentle. After a while, Angela and Jordan, at the same time, slightly open their eyes, to see if the other one has thier eyes open. They see each other doing this, and both pull away in laughter.

Jordan- (laugh calms down, and is repaced with a smile) Do you always do that?

Angela- What, look at you?

Jordan- Well, yeah.

Angela- (Hard Laugh) No!, why do you?

Jordan- (embarassed, tries to play it off.) What, um ahh, no. Of course not.

Angela- (realizing he is lieing) Do you?

Jordan- Well, no. What I mean is, well, not *all* the time. Well, okay, yeah. (Looks down in embarassment)

Angela- Jordan, (looks down at him) That is so... sweet.

Jordan- (Surprised) You think so?

Angela- I know so.

He nervously grins at her, while she smiles dreamily at him.

Jordan- (too embarassed to stay on that subject) So, what was that for anyway?

Angela- (getting nervous) What the kiss?

Jordan- (Slowly) yyyyyyeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhh.

Angela- Does there have to be a reason...?

Jordan- Well I guess not. (Looks around) Hey, by the way, where did they go?

Angela- (Covering) You think they wanted to sit in here and watch us? (Thinks about Rayanne, and laughs to herself)

Jordan- Well, I guess not again. (Remembering) Oh yeah, what was Rayanne doi-

He is cut off again by Angela. This time the kiss is short, but just as hard.

Jordan- Geez, someone has hormones tonight. (grins in a seductive way, as if saying he likes it)

Angela- (Stroking the back of his head) I just don't feel like talkin about Rayanne anymo-

This time Jordan kisses her. He quickly brakes away.

Jordan- Fine by me.

They both quietly laugh as they look into each other. The laughing stops. Jordan leans in to gently kiss her. They kiss for a while. Just like last time, they both open their eyes slightly. Once again they see the other doing this. But instead of braking apart, they continue kissing, looking at one another. Thier stare is only broken by the occational blink.

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