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The Interactive FanFiction Story

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Chapter 14: Hot blondes or Not hot blondes that is the question

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Chapter 14: Hot blondes or Not hot blondes that is the question

written by Janiesha

added on: 28 Aug 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela is outside of the kitchen door, sitting on the couch in the living room, while Shane and Jordan are still in the kitchen talking. Angela is gettin frustrated waiting on him.

Angela: (vo-I can like so not believe that Shane guy. That was like so completely rude of him. And all Jordan did was stare at, could have atleast told him to shut up or something like that. And what was the deal with saying I was hot for a red head. And then when he thinks I can't hear him he says, if she was a blonde, phew! Insensitve Jerk)

Jordan and Shane walk out of the kitchen and Jordan sits next to Angela on the couch and is about to explain to her about what happend in the kitchen. Shane is standing behind the couch waiting on Jordan, assuming he's still going to go with him and the two hot blondes waiting on them by the door.

Jordan: (half smiles): Sorry.

Angela: (laughs a little and shakes her head)

Jordan: I'm forreal, I'm not like that anymore.

Angela: (smiles) Go head, go out with your HOT blondes. Have a good time, go with your ho's won't don't you.

Jordan:(kisses Angela on the corner of her mouth and leans in closer to her): You're my hot blonde.

Shane: Dude, she's a redhead, are you color blind. (impatient now)

Angela: Actually, I am a blonde, I'm just not a bimbo, pluse I dyed my hair this color.

Shane: (interested all of a sudden): Seriously man?

Angela: (smiles and lick her lips) I can dye it blonde for you, uh, Shane.(looks him up and down)

Jordan: WHAT!?(angry and confused)


Shane: REALLY!?(joyful, yet confused)

Angela: (takes the smile off her face and looks at him coldly, and laughs a short unbelievable laugh): NO!

Shane looks her for a few seconds as if to say "who cares i got one waiting on me outside) while Jordan is looking at her with a grin on his face. Shane shrugs his shoulders, then play punches Jordan and laughs)

Shane: Man! You got TWO hot blondes, you're gettin lucky twice tonight.(obviously happy for his friend)

Jordan: (sighs and rolls his eyes): I have ONE Shane okay. Just ONE, not two, not three, but ONE.

Shane: So, you're like a one woman man or somethin' now?

Jordan: (eyes wide) YES!

Shane: Well, what do I tell the other girl.

Angela: Tell her to go over on the east side and stand on the corner if she wants some that bad. could be the one who gets lucky twice in one night.
(smies in a sarcastic way, as if its a great idea)

Shane: (sigh) Fine, later.

Jordan: Yeah, later.

Shane walks through the crowd and out the door.

Jordan: Where were we?

Angela climbs back on Jordan's lap and wraps her legs around Jordan.

Angela: I think we were right about here, before we were interrupted about some ho wanting you like really bad.

Jordan smiles at Angela has he leans in to kiss her...

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