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The Interactive FanFiction Story

One of the longest-running fanfiction stories on the 'net.

Chapter 11: Party On!

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Chapter 11: Party On!

written by Joie

added on: 30 Nov 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman


(A band plays a loud, obnoxious song. Lots of people mill around, drinking, dancing, moshing. PAN crowd, stop on ANGELA and JORDAN)

ANGELA: Lot's of people.

JORDAN: Yeah. (looks around) Do you see Tino?

ANGELA: Uh (looks) I... I can't see him anywhere.

JORDAN: I gotta talk to him. About Residue. If he wants to rejoin? Coz if he does, I don't know, maybe we'll be Frozen Embryos again? Anyway.

ANGELA: I like Residue better.

JORDAN: Yeah, but, like, Frozen Embroyos? Has a better reputation. Coz no one really knows Residue.

ANGELA: (beat) But, I mean, except for Tino, you're, like the same people, right?

JORDAN: Yeah, but... the thing is...

AVO: Oh my God. I'm having a conversation with Jordan. About normal things. About things that interest him, and which I could be interested in. I'm having a conversation that isn't a fight.

JORDAN: Right?

ANGELA: Absolutely. (beams. He smiles back, then sees someone)

JORDAN: Hang on, I just...I'll be back, just...stay here. Okay?


(JORDAN wanders off for a minute. ANGELA goes over to drinks table, searches for a non-alcoholic drink. No luck. ANGELA wanders into the house, making a sign to JORDAN as she does)


(RAYANNE goes through drawers. RICKIE stands at the door, looking out)

RICKIE: Why can't you just *ask* Tino for it, instead of going through his house?

RAYANNE: Please! As if he's going to give it back.

RICKIE: As if he isn't? What would he possibly even *do* with your- stop! Stop, someone's coming. Angela! (enter ANGELA, he pecks her on cheek) You're here.

RAYANNE: God, Vasquez, give me a heart attack for nothing, why don't you! (hugs ANGELA) Angelika!

ANGELA: Hey (smiles) you guys are here.

RICKIE: Yes, unfortunately.

ANGELA: (laugh) Why? It's not a bad party.

RICKIE: (observes RAYANNE ferreting through drawers and cupboards) I know. We're not here for the party.

RAYANNE: Listen Vasquez, if it was your-

RICKIE: I don't even have one!

RAYANNE: I'll buy you one. And you too! (to ANGELA)


RICKIE: You don't want to know, trust me. Just say no!

RAYANNE: You sound like a walking anti-drugs campaign.

RICKIE: I don't care.

ANGELA: (sees through window) Oh my God, it's Delia!

RAYANNE: Delia?! Delia Fisher? What the hell is she doing here?

RICKIE: Why shouldn't she be here?

RAYANNE: Because she doesn't even know Tino, or any of Tino's friends.

ANGELA: She knows Rickie.

RAYANNE: (rounds on RICKIE with a bread knife) Did you invite her Vasquez?

RICKIE: No, but if I did, why shouldn't I?

RAYANNE: Because-

(Enter DELIA with COREY in tow)

DELIA: Hey, um. Sorry if we're late.


RAYANNE: Don't worry, no one will notice.

DELIA: (unsure of RAYANNE's meaning) Oh, okay.

RICKIE: Don't worry, you aren't late. I didn't know you were coming. (DELIA hugs him) We could have given you a lift.

DELIA: (beams at RICKIE) It's okay, Corey gave me a lift.

(Everyone beams at COREY. He smiles round, a little unsure)

RAYANNE: Oh, so you two came *together*?

COREY: Yeah. (beat) Is there a bathroom here, or something?

RICKIE: Uh, yeah, it's just (point down hall) down there, on the left.

COREY: Thanks. (Exit. RICKIE stares after him)

(RICKIE and DELIA talk aside)

DELIA : He is, like, *so* nice. He picked me up from my house and everything. He is so interesting too.

RICKIE: (smiles brightly) Yeah, that's great.

(ANGELA and RAYANNE exchange looks in the background)

DELIA: Yeah, it is.

RICKIE: (smiles brightly) So, uh, you two are together?

DELIA: Well, uh...maybe. (grabs RICKIE's arm) Hopefully. I mean, you understand Rickie, don't you? We're still friends...

RICKIE: (realises) Oh, yeah. No, Delia, don't worry. I'm really glad you've found someone. I mean, everyone needs to find someone who can, you know, feel the same way. Someone who really cares about you in the same way. I mean, you know I care, but...

DELIA: I know. (smiles)

(Enter COREY)

COREY: I'm gonna go get a drink, anyone want anything? (ANGELA and RAYANNE shake heads) Rickie?

RICKIE: Uh, no. I'm fine.

COREY: Oh, well. Okay then. (Exiting)

DELIA: I'll come with you.

COREY: (unsure) Okay.


RAYANNE: Well, isn't Delia chirpy? I guess you would be though, I mean, from the class loser (ANGELA gives her a look, she ignores it) to the guy with less sexual interest in girls than Big Bird (RICKIE gives her a look, she ignores it) to the arty class cutie.

ANGELA: Rayanne.


ANGELA: (to RICKIE) Are you okay?

RICKIE: Yeah, sure. I mean, I'm glad she likes someone else now, you know? However much she says she wouldn't get hurt, or wh-whatever, I mean. You always get hurt when you have a crush on someone who doesn't feel the same way, or whatever. (stares at COREY through the window)


RAYANNE: Quit moping Vasquez, and get lookout on that door. I gotta find my-


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