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Chapter 11: Sisters at war

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Chapter 11: Sisters at war

written by Tundra

added on: 28 Aug 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Patty: I see that. (Angered) Looks like he might stay for
dessert as well. (Storms past Gram)
Gram: (looks at angela Puzzled)
Angela: What?!? ( Angela storms to her room)
(brian and gram stare awkwardly at each other.)
Gram:(even more confussed) Did I miss...something?
Brian: I actually like, better be going. (Heads to the
door) I'll make sure to wash your shirt, you know
like.......before returning it. (exits).
(daniael comes in and heads for the stairs)
Gram: (desprit) Danelle! How was your day?
Daniael: (glances back with and angey face, lips
puckerd up and contiues to walk toward Angela's
room.) (Voice) If he only knew.
Gram: (to himself out loud) One week in the restauant
buisness and I've completly lost touch.
Scene: (Daniael barges into Angela's room and Angela
Quickly sits up on the bed)
Daniael: I saw you kiss him.

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