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Chapter 10: CAUGHT!

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Chapter 10: CAUGHT!

written by jane

added on: 26 Nov 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

They are holding each other and then Brian kisses Angela and Angela pulls away and smiles and kisses him.
They are giggling and kissing and then hear the door. Its Patty. She sees what they're doing.
She surveys the scene and stops not knowing what to say.

BRIAN: umm...Mr Chase dropped me off, he said to wait for Angela...and...
PATTY: Did he tell you to attack me daughter on out staricase?
BRIAN: What?
PATTY: I expect more from you
BRIAN: I should be going.

Brian leaves and Patty and Angela are left there staring at each other.

ANGELA: I have geometry homework (beat) to do, now.
PATTY: Wait. I just want you to know that, Its okay. Its..umm..your life. Youre young and thats what you were- thats what your supposed to do...
ANGELA: Thanks for your approval mom.
PATTY: Thats not what I wanted to say...
ANGELA: I know what you were trying to say.

Graham enters.

GRAHAM: I have great news.

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