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Chapter 9: brain over jordan??

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Chapter 9: brain over jordan??

written by Tino

added on: 16 Jun 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela heads to the stairs, and Brian is left on the couch. It doesn't take him long to jump up and go after her.
Brain: Chase, hold on!!
Angelika: Brian, I really need to go study...
Brain: Do you have any idea how long, how many YEARS i've wanted to kiss you???
Angelika: i know-- i mean, i guess i know.. or whatev-
Brain: so you can't just spring something like that on me and then run away!! i can't believe you!!!
Angelika: brian, i didn't mean--
Brain: yeah. I KNOW you didn't mean it. you're treating me just the way jordan used to treat you. i know all about the boiler room.
angela is nearly in tears, she didn't expect this from him.
Angelika: brian!!!!!!!! i'm not. ok??
she sits against the wall on the steps with tears streaming down her face.
Brain: angela.. i didn't want to..
Angelika: i know. i know it probably seemed like i was just not thinking, just being stupid. but i've wanted to do that for a while too. kinda a long time, actually. i wanted to kiss you when you told me about the letter cause i never realized how much you cared... how much i cared. maybe i love you too.. i don't know....
Brian reaches down, takes her hands, and pulls her up. they hug a great hug, he strokes her hair.
Angela, still crying, mumbles into his shoulder: i just got scared, ya know.. not about us, but what-about-jordan..
Brain: i know. i didn't mean to yell. i just.. well i can't let you go.

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