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Chapter 11: Confrontation about a Horrible Truth

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Chapter 11: Confrontation about a Horrible Truth

written by Rusty

added on: 08 Sep 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Chases Kitchen afternoon Brian and Angela both waiting for Patty, Angela is on the phone with Patty.

Angela: (Into the phone) Just get here when you can. (Listens and then hangs up the phone).

Angela turns to face Brian and says: She should be here in like 10 minutes. How am I going to tell her? I mean what am I going to say?

Brian: I don't know. You should..I guess..tell her the complete truth...that I told you about Graham and Hallie and you confronted him....and't deny it.

BrianVO: Maybe this is one of those times where I am happy that both my parents are shrinks. That I can dispense this kind of advice without having no idea what I am talking about like every other time.

AngelaVO: A piece of advice from Brian Krakow that actually makes sense. That has to be a first.

Angela: Is that what you would do if you were in my shoes right now?

Brian: Probably...I guess.

AngelaVO: There should be a manual that somebody should keep that keeps track of what works in this situation and what doesn't. Oh well, I guess there isn't.

Angela: Ok then. (Patty enters through the front door) (Angela sees Patty). Hi Mom. (Patty walks into the kitchen)

Patty: Hi Angela. (Sees Brian) Hi Brian.

Brian: Hi Mrs. Chase.

Patty: Angela, what is going on? What is the big emergency that I had to rush home for? What's the problem?

Angela: Mom, I think you had better sit down for this.

Patty: Angela, did you get to serious trouble in school? Did it involve Brian? What?

Angela: Brian cut school with Jordan and they went to Dad's restaurant and caught Dad and Hallie in lets say a compromising position.

(Patty stills there in denial of what she has just been told)

Patty: Are you sure? Brian, you didn't cut school did you?

Angela: I didn't believe it myself until I confronted him at the restaurant on the way home from school.

Patty: Oh my!! I uh.uh...uh..Oh my.

Angela: What is going to happen to us, Mom?

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