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Chapter 9: Friends First

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Chapter 9: Friends First

written by christal

added on: 12 Feb 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Brian: No, I should go back to school...class.
Jordan: Yea, right.
Brian: I also need to talk to Angela about...uh..stuff.
Jordan: What kind of stuff. (kind of scared) Are you going to tell her about the things we talked about?
Brian: No I just need to be a friend.
Jordan: Oh, I guess your good for her in that way.
Brian: Maybe.
Jordan: Im serious.
Brian: (distracted) Thanks.
Jordan: (stops car) We're here. Ill see ya around i guess.
Brian: Yeah. Thanks.

Brian goes inside just as classes are changing and spots Angela.

Angela: (walking away) Oh hey.
Brian: I need to talk to you.
Angela: If this about the letter-
Brian: No. Its about Mr. Chase, uh, your dad.
Angela: (some what pissed) Him and Holly?
Brian: Yes.
Angela: Dammit! I knew it.

She storms away. Toward exit.

Brian: Im coming too.
Angela: Why?
Brian: Because we're friends.

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