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Chapter 6: Admitting

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Chapter 6: Admitting

written by Nieske

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Graham: So you wanna come in?
Jordan: (pause) Okay. Comin', Brain?
Brian: Uh, yeah, okay.
They go inside the restaurant. Almost nobody is there. Brian and Jordan sit down at a table.
Graham: So, uh, can I get you guys something?
Jordan: No thanks. You want something, Brain?
Brian: Well, maybe I'd better go, I mean...
Graham: Don't you have to be at school?
Brian: (hesitating) No, uh, we have a free period.
Graham: Okay. You want a drink, Brian?
Brian: Uh, no, it's okay.
Graham walks away to the kitchen.
Jordan: So, did you and Angela, uh, talk about the letter?
Brian: I don't wanna talk about her. (pause) No. She's been avoiding me.
Jordan: Oh.
Brian: What about you?
Jordan: The same.
Brian: Hm. I guess she's pretty mad at us.
Jordan: I guess so. (pause) You do love her, don't you?
Brian: (suddenly looks alarmed) What? No, I mean... I... Angela is...
Jordan: Sorry. But it is so obvious.
Brian: (calmed down) I guess so. But, well... Yeah. But it's hard *not* to love her.
Jordan: I know. Cause I do. Also.

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