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Chapter 9: Two friends = an enemy

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Chapter 9: Two friends = an enemy

written by Laura Shumate

added on: 16 May 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Brian: so.. ok. i mean, i'll tell her. but like, you are coming with me. she won't believe just me, she's already mad at me.
Jordan: well like, ok, but- she's mad at me too.
Brain: well yeah but, i mean, ummm.. ok. you're still coming.
Jordan: ok, but i'm not gonna tell her.
They reach the parking lot of the school and hear the bell ring.
Jordan: well that mean's class is over, so...
Brian: so.. let's um.. let's find her.
Jordan: ok.
They go into the school and head towards her locker. angela isn't there yet so jordan does the combo and unlocks it. he opens it just as angela comes around the corner. she has a 1/2 smile on her face when she sees jordan, but it transforms into a perplexed look when she sees brian with him.
Angela: hey.. uh, what's going on?
Brian: angela, i- we- gotta tell--
Jordan: hey brain- not here. let's go outside.
Angela: you guys- WHAT is going on??
Jordan: let's go
Brian: yeah, outside..
The three of them go outside, as angela gets more confused and worried with every step. They reach jordan's car. Brian and Jordan both lean on it, facing angela.
Brian: ok. ummmmm angela, remember that night when you went to let's bolt and you got driven home by a cop and jordan recalls and smirks and i walked you home and we saw your dad and he was--
Angela: brian, WHAT is your point????
Brian: well how you saw him talking to that woman.. ya know, outside your house..
Angela: yeah.. why, did you see her again?
Brian: well no.. not her, i saw hallie and your dad..
Angela: laughs what, you saw my dad and hallie talking?? oh nooo! brian, they're business partners. *obviously* they're going to be talking to each other! laughs a bit more
Jordan: (mumbles) well it was somethin with their mouths but not that..
Angela stops laughing and gets dead serious.
Angela: WHAT? brian-- you didn't-
Brian: um..... yeah. i saw them. jordan didn't, but i did. i'm really sorry, i didn't want to tell you, but
Angela: but what!!! you're such a liar!! when did you see them? (she asks skeptically)
Brian: well, just like, ya know a few minutes ago..
Angela: that is SUCH a lie!! you never skip class, except for stomach problems!
Jordan: angela-- it's true. i was there with him.
Angela: oh yeah, so you guys are like best friends now?? i can't trust either of you anymore! why do you think i should believe you now?? i HATE you both!!!
In tears, angela runs off. brian and jordan look at each other, unsure of what to do. just then they hear "Angela!!" it's rickie, he's about to run past them after angela.

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