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Chapter 10: Communication

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Chapter 10: Communication

written by Joie

added on: 12 Dec 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman


(RICKIE runs after her, but she's gone. RICKIE stops by BRIAN and JORDAN)

RICKIE: What's going on?

JORDAN: She's just...upset. That's all.

RICKIE: Yeah, I can see that. What did you say to her?

BRIAN: Nothing. It's nothing. I mean. It' just- nothing!

JORDAN: Her old man's, like, got this other chick? And Brain saw them, together or whatever. So he told her, and she's just upset, but, you know, it's better to know these things, you know?

RICKIE: Yeah. (to BRIAN) Brian, are you sure? I mean, her parents seem really, I don't know, like, a happy couple or something.

JORDAN: Yeah, that's true. Are you sure, Brain?

BRIAN: Look, I- I know what I saw!

RICKIE: Yeah, but is what you saw, what really was happening? Things sometimes aren't what they seem.

JORDAN: I gotta go. Later. (Exit)

BRIAN: You know, I know what's gonna happen here. I'll be the one who is in the wrong, the bad guy, and he will be the one who comes out of this looking like the good guy.

RICKIE: Brian, I know you mean well, or whatever, but this time, it's about Angela. I mean, it's her family. When your family falls apart, that's, like, the scariest thing, you know? (BRIAN nods, unsure) You have to be sure about this.

BRIAN: I wish I'd never said anything. I think...I'm gonna get a piece of ScotchTape and put it over my mouth, and not take it off until I've finished senior high.

RICKIE: Well, that's gonna improve the communication between you two, isn't it?

BRIAN: Maybe it will. Maybe if I don't say anything, to anyone, then I won't risk offending anyone.

RAYANNE (OS): Couldn't have put it better myself, Bri.

RICKIE: Rayanne.

BRIAN: I have to go. (Exiting)

RAYANNE: (calls after him) I've got ScotchTape in my locker, if you reconsider! (laugh)

RICKIE: Rayanne, leave him alone.

RAYANNE: Since when did you become Brian Krakow's personal defender?

RICKIE: (ignores comment) Where have you been, I've hardly seen you all day!

RAYANNE: Ditto! You know, I have a theory that when Brian Krakow lent you his clothes, he left a part of his non-existent personality, and it's been, like, eroding you ever since.

(RICKIE sighs)

RAYANNE: God, joke, Vasquez. Lighten up.

RICKIE: How can I lighten up? You are off the wagon again! Look at what you're doing to yourself. To your friends.

RAYANNE: Hmm, friends. Don't see too many of them around here.

RICKIE: What do you call me then?

RAYANNE: (grins) Don't tempt me!


RICKIE: Have you talked to Angela?

RAYANNE: Like, lately? (RICKIE nods) Nope.

RICKIE: Why can't you just say what you so obviously wanna say, so that she'll say what she so obviously wants to say, and everything will be okay.

RAYANNE: Ooh, it rhymes.

RICKIE: Rayanne.

RAYANNE: Look Vasquez, sorry to burst your bubble, but I don't think it's gonna happen, okay?

RICKIE: (beat) It's down to you Rayanne. Start the ball rolling. Talk to her.

RAYANNE: Talk to her. Hmm. Sounds easy, huh?

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