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The Interactive FanFiction Story

One of the longest-running fanfiction stories on the 'net.

Chapter 12: It's just

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Chapter 12: It's just

written by Rory

added on: 22 Aug 2005 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Brian Opens Jordan's car door hurily.


Brian:(Ignoring the comment) Angela I'm so sorry, i mean it was... I mean they just... i shouldn't of... oh god! DAMN IT!

Angela: Brian. It's okay just... please, don't tell ANYONE else! espically not my Mom or Danille.

Brain: But-

Angela: If you do I'll tell everyone about eighth grade when-

Brian: okay okay I get it I can't tell.

Jordan:(puzzled) What's the big deal?

Brian: Never mind. Oh crap I really NEED to goto class. Bye.

(Brian Slams the car door running off)

Jordan: So where were we?! ( leans into kiss her.)

(Angela moves away)

Jordan: What? is it like my breath?

Angela: No, No it's me. Jordan, I really like you. Like really.

Jordan:( looking lovingly into her eyes) yeah, I know. Angela I really wanna be with you. But i'm like not good enough or somthing.

Angela: What? Jordan not good enough? What made you even think of that?... like God.

Jordan:(blusing) Never mind, I just... you're like Wonder Woman. All the guys crave her, and she's so amazing, but no one can have her.

Angela: Jordan, I'm not like Wonder Woman because one guy can have me... and that's like you.

(they kiss for a while, until Rickie interupts with a knock.)

Jordan: What? Brain if that's you i will like sock you.

Rickie: Ummm Angela?

Angela: Rickie? What is it?

Rickie: Rayanne really needs you.

Angela: What's wrong?

Rickie: I can't tell.

Angela: (to Jordan)I'll see you later okay. (she quicky kisses him and leaves.)



Rayanne: Angelika?! is that you?

Angela: Yea whats wrong!?

Rayanne: Oh Angela... it's BAD!

Angela: well what is it?

Rayanne: a baby.

Angela WHAT?

Rayanne: I think i'm P- pregnant.

Angela: Oh Rayanne! I'm like here.

(they both break out into sobs.)

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