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The Interactive FanFiction Story

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Chapter 15: I LIKE YOU BOTH!

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Chapter 15: I LIKE YOU BOTH!

written by Sulia

added on: 15 Dec 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela watches the band perform the song for a moment, then rushes towards the stairs. She doesn't want to have to deal with Jordan, she has to leave while she has the chance. She practically runs down the stairs, and out of the Loft. Once outside, she begins walking down the street.

Rickie: (Running after her) Angela!

Angela: (Pauses and waits for Rickie) Rickie.

Rickie: (Catches up) Why are you running away?

Angela: (Turns away) I can't deal with him yet.

Rickie: (Serious) If not now, when?

Angela: (Begins walking) I don't know....just not now....

Rickie: (Falls into step with her) I'm not gonna pretend I know what your going through, but you have to face it soon.

Angela: I know....

Rickie: (Nods) You know....(Angela looks at him) Jordan had to work late that night, when Nick joined Residue.

Angela: (Bits her lip) Really.

Rickie: Jordan told me, he's really upset about this.

Angela: I can imagine.

Rickie: I know he screwed up and hurt you, but is it fair to just drop him without telling him?

Angela folds her arms, thinking hard. They continue walking in silence.

The Next Day-

The hallways are slowly clearing as students enter the classrooms. Angela pauses outside her english class, forcing herself not to run away. She takes a deep breath and goes in. She see's Brian and Jordan seated in their usual seats. She sits down in the back, a few seats away from Jordan. She avoids eye contact with him, knowing he is staring at her. She stares at her note book, her mind else where rather than the daily lesson.

Mr. Katismki - We have a pop quiz today class.

Angela VO: Great, I pick today to come to class. (She leans back into her seat)

After class -

Angela gets up as fast as she can, but Jordan grabs her arm. She tenses, and won't look at him.

Jordan: We need to talk.

Angela: (Sighs) Yeah.

Jordan: (Keeping a light grip on her arm)Come on, we'll talk in the car.

Angela let's him lead her out of the classroom and to the parking lot.

Nick and Shane are standing by the Soda Machines, waiting for Tino.

Nick: (Taking a drink of his soda) What is taking him so long?

Shane: He's always late, or he doesn't show.

Nick: So what time do we need to be at the bar?

Shane: At 7

Nick: Alright.

Shane: Catalano still likes her you know.

Nick: (Shrugs) I can't help who I like.

Shane: I know man, all I'm sayin is that he's not goin to give her up that easily.

Nick: I'm always up for a challenge.

Angela and Jordan are sitting in his car, both unsure of what to say. Jordan faces her then, his expression sad.

Jordan: So are you like....seeing Nick?

Angela: (Hair tuck) Yeah....I....

Jordan: (Moves closer to her) We didn't break up Angela.

Angela: I know....

Jordan: I know I screwed up bad....and I can't change it....I hurt know how bad I felt about it.

Angela: (Nods) You wrote me a letter yourself, so yeah I know.

Jordan: (Touches her shoulder) I finally got you back....and now.....Nick......I should have known...

Angela: (Looks at him) I didn't know what was just.....I don't know.....happened.

Jordan: I really like you Angela.

Angela: (Smiles sadly) Do you know how long I've waited to hear you say that. (She looks away)

Jordan: (Touchs her cheek) I've always liked you, even before I met you.

Angela: I'm really confused now. I don't know what to feel.

Jordan: You still like me don't you?

Angela: (Glances at him, then at her lap) Yes, but I also like Nick.

Jordan: (Tilts her chin up, so she's facing him) You can't have us both. (He kisses her)

Angela begins to kiss him back, but pulls away a moment later.

Angela: (Grasps the door handle) I gotta go. (She gets out of the car, and walks away)

Jordan sighs, watching her leave. They talked, but they didn't break up.

Angela sits on the bleachers, her arms folded.

Angela VO: Jordan Catalano is my first love, and Nick Chandler is my second, where do I fit in all this. It's like compairing it to buying a CD, when you have only enough money for one, but you like two, and you have to choose which you like better.

Nick appears a second later, and interupts her thoughts.

Nick: (Sits down beside her) Cutting class too?

Angela: (Smiles) Speak for yourself.

Nick: (Takes her hand) Come on, let's go get some Chinese food.

Angela get's up, and he leads her to his car.

Fade out

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