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The Interactive FanFiction Story

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Chapter 16: Parking lot

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Chapter 16: Parking lot

written by Lydia

added on: 18 Mar 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Rayanne: Hey, angela!...Jordan.

(Rayanne, standing outside car, anglea and Jordan stay seated inside.)

Angela: Hey (shyly,smiling)

Jordan: Oh, hey.

Rayanne: So, what did you to do last night?

Angela: Where's Ricky? (shy, serous, changing subject)

(Jordan looks questioningly, almost offended a Angela and down at floor.)

(Rayanne stops, face drops slightly,realizing Angela changed the subject.)

Jordan:(distant,quiet, almost angry) Well, we better get to class or whatever. (reaches to the bacseat with one arm and pulls forward Angela's backpack.)

Rayanne: Well, I gotta find Ricky, he's hiding from Tino, and I don't know where Tino disappeared to.(smiling, seemingly fighting back tears)

Angela: (sympathetic, gentler tone)Oh, Tino was with you? (looking around, guilty)

(Rayanne stands waiting)

(Angela looks at Jordan, and down at floor.)

Rayanne: Well, I'd better go.

Angela: Yeah, well, I'll see you later.

Rayanne begins to walk away

(Jordan gets out of car.)

(Angela follows)

Angela: Wait where are you going?

(Jordan turns around silenty, avoiding eye contact but eventually look up at Angela.)

Angela: (sadly) What's the matter?

Jordan: Just-...Why didn't you-I wasn't planning on like keeping it a secret or anything.

Angela: What? Well..I wasn't. Just not Rayanne. Not right now.

Jordan: why?

Angela: (quietly) I don't know... You've been with Rayanne. (looks almost disgustedly upset at her last statement)

Jordan:I'm not ashamed... of beeing with you. Are you?

Angela: No, God. Of course not. It's just wierd.

Jordan: Weird?

Angela: I've just, I've never done this before.
(almost smiling, fighting back a smile)

Jordan:(little smile) Well, now you have. (Moving toward her)

Angela: yeah.

(He takes her in his arms, still looking at her. kisses her. Bells rings)

Angela: Oh God, we're late.

Jordan: (laughs)

(Angela makes shy, embarrassed smiling face. Jordan puts his arm around her and they walk toward the building.)

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  • Once inside school, Angela finds Rayanne in the bathroom:
    Chapter 17: Tears shed by Lexy (28 Dec 2004)
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