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Chapter 15: The drive

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Chapter 15: The drive

written by Lydia Hendrickson

added on: 20 Mar 2001 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela:I don't know. (deep in thouhgt) He's very strange. (they look at each other and laugh)
Jordan: yeah.
(Angela scoots closer to him and wraps her arm through his)
Jordan: What? (smiling, paying attention to the road)
Angela: What? What?
AVO:It's like with Jordan, I've never known what was enough or too much. Just when i think that last night some how was enough, When what really happened matched the perfect i saw in my head, somehow I was unperfect again, and I was doing too much or not enough of something.
Jordan: nothing(laughs)
Angela:what, is this not okay? (pulls away)
Jordan:(turns to her with confusion, then back to the road angry. Slaps the wheel. Then sighs) That's not what I meant.
(Angela rests her head on the door)
Jordan:Are you okay?
Angela:(looking at the floor) Yeah, sure.
Jordan:Hey, you know... If I did anything. I'm not.
(Angela sits up and stares at him)
AVO: Instead of seeing Jordan for what he's saying or doing in the moment, I always wait for that moment when he'll be that perfection he is in my mind
Jordan:Last night was really special. I want you to know that. And you are like so beautiful. I want you to... (he takes her hand) That's like okay... with me.
Avo:Snd just when I think it's stupid to expect him to become that perfection, he somehow becomes it.
(Angela smiles and takes his hand)
Jordan:Okay.(they smile)

(They pull up to the school, and park)

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  • Jody gave this chapter a 4.0/5 4.0/5 rating and commented on 05 Nov 2010:
    Great content -- felt real

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