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The Interactive FanFiction Story

One of the longest-running fanfiction stories on the 'net.

Chapter 20: Oops

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The story so far

Chapter 20: Oops

written by Angela

added on: 20 Jan 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Delia: I'm sorry?! Did you just say ANGELA??!

BrianVO:Yes I did just say Angela. I am *such* an idiot.

Brian: No...Well I mean I-

Delia: did. Oh my god Brian I can't like, *believe* this! You just called me Angela.

BrianVO: Nice going you idiot. You finally get, like, a girlfriend and you call her the wrong name! Like, how stupid can a person possibly be?

Brian: I uhh...It's just that....look, I didn't mean it like *that*...i uhh...

Delia: Well how *else* did you mean it?

Brian: I don't know, I mean ...

Delia: Oh my god Brian...i cannot believe you...I am so out of here.

Brian: Delia, wait!

BrianVO: Maybe this is better. That I screwed up. I mean obviously if I like, called her Angela, that means I'm not really all that, like, interested in her or whatever. Can anything go right in my life, just for once?

Delia runs off. As she is running down the hallway she bumps into Ricky:

Ricky: Delia are you ok? What's wrong? What happened?

Delia: (almost in tears) Brian happened. (keeps running)

Ricky: Wait! Delia! (starts going after her but then stops and keeps walking where he was going at first. He then sees Brian heading out of the bioler room, looking both distressed and ashamed)

Ricky: So, what happened?

Brian: What do you mean what happened?

Ricky: I mean with Delia. I saw her like, running, in like tears, and I was like "what happened"? and she was like "brian happened". So like, what did happen?

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