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Chapter 14: Now Knowing Strangers

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Chapter 14: Now Knowing Strangers

written by Rusty

added on: 29 Sep 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Katimski's English class Same Day
Rayanne has decided to show up for class, a rarity in itself. She takes her seat near Rickie and Angela basically waiting to see if Krakow will show up.

BrianVO: First class with Angela Chase as my girlfriend, just remember to breath in and out and look back and smile at her once in a while.

Brian walks into class and before he gets to his seat in the front of the class, Rayanne hollars out "Brian, woohoo, way to go sexy"

Brian sits down in his sit and it is readily apparent to Mr. Katimski that Brian is bothered by this comment but shrugs it off as just normal high school talk.

Rayanne: Come on, Krakow, I know you want to trade seats with me to be near Angela.

Angela: Rayanne, your not even in this class. What are you doing here?

Rayanne: I just wanted to see if I could embrass Krakow in some way today.

Angela: Your going to embrass me instead. Leave Rayanne before Katimski figures out that you are not in this class.

Rayanne: Hey Krakow, why don't you take the seat next to Angela, I will trade you. Come on, you know you want to so you can show the whole world that you are going out with her.

The class starts whispering to each other trying to figure out what this means and what kind of gossip to start spreading

Brian: Graff, why are you doing this? Stop embrassing your good friend, I'm sure she doesn't want her personal life being known to the whole school.

Angela is looking at Rayanne, nodding in agreement with what Brian is saying

Brian continuing: So please leave now.

Rayanne: Ok. I'm going.

Rayanne drops her flask on floor, Angela sees this and immediately motions for Rayanne to pick it up, Rayanne does so and Rayanne leaves.

BrianVO: I wanted to be the one to tell the school I am going out with Angela Chase, I mean like in banners that take up entire hallways, that kind of thing. Oh well at least I got to stand up for Angela again.

AngelaVO: I can't believe Rayanne has started drinking in school of all places and this is not how I wanted the world to find out about me and Brian Krakow. I wanted to have them find out some other way either from me or Brian.

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