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Chapter 13: Wheres Angela

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Chapter 13: Wheres Angela

written by amanda

added on: 04 May 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

angela:no ill just like um stay here
rayanne: you sure chase?
angela: yeah

at the party

rickie: soo..angela didnt come?
rayanne: yeah shes like "im grounded" but she just
makin excuses you know?
rickie:yeah and by the way i see jordan
you think hes gonna ask bout angela?

jordan goes to rayanne and rickie

jordan: hey
rayannerickie: hey
jordan: so um... you two come together?
rayanne: yeah right nice question no..ANGELA's not here
rayanne: shes grounded
jordan: well um see you i gotta go

rayanne : (giggles) shes going to angelas
rickies (giggles too)

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