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The Interactive FanFiction Story

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Chapter 11: Stay or go

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Chapter 11: Stay or go

written by Ashley

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Jordan: We could go somewhere else. (he looks at her, his
eyes catching light from outside) There's no one at my
place. We don't have to, you know, like *do* anything or..
Angela: Yeah, okay.

They drive to Jordan's, and go inside.
AngelaVO: I couldn't believe I was walking into Jordan's
house. It's like, I'd always pictured how it would look and
what would be in his room or whatever... but I never thought
I'd actually be going there. I don't know why.
Jordan: So...
Angela: So. (smiles, looks around) Nice place.
Jordan: Not really... do you like, want something to drink
or anything?
Angela: No, I'm good.

Jordan pulls her closer, and starts to kiss her. She kisses
him back, and they make their way to the couch in the living
room. They make out for awhile, and then..

Angela: Wait...
Jordan: What?
Angela: What time is it?
Jordan: I don't know, probably like eleven or so...
(starts to kiss her, after a few moments she stops him
Angela: I have to go.
Jordan: Now? Why?
Angela: My parents got home an hour ago and they have no
idea where I am... I am so dead... I'm deader than dead.
Jordan: I'm sure it'll be fine... can't you just stay a
awhile longer. (kisses her, then smiles) We never even got a
chance to talk.

Angela looks into his deep blue eyes, and then

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