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The Interactive FanFiction Story

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Chapter 10: nothing's changed...?

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Chapter 10: nothing's changed...?

written by @ngel

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Ricky finds Rayanne talking to a girl he doesn't recognise. She isn't too drunk..yet.
Ricky: So um yeah, they're talking again.
Rayanne: Who..? Oh Angela and
Ricky: Jordan, yeah.
Rayanne: You know Jess? (indicates the other girl)
Ricky: No I...
Rayanne: You do now. (to Jess) This is Ricky.
Ricky: Hi.
Jess nods.

In the car.
Anglea and Jordan kiss for a moment then break apart.
Jordan: I'm sorry.
Angela: For what? For kissing me?
Jordan: No, for... before. How I acted. I..
Angela VO: Why was he apologizing? I was the one who walked away from him. It's like saying sorry turns in to an automatic thing sometimes, like a sneeze or something. You say it when you're nervous or when there's like nothing else to say. My mom says sorry when she bumps into chairs and things. It's like kinda weird.
Angela: Don't be sorry. (she pulls him in for another kiss)

Inside the loft.
Jess: It's getting kind of hot.
She takes of her swater and ties it around her waist. As she does that, Ricky notices something on a chain around her neck. It's a pride symbol. He watches Jess and Rayanne talk for a few moments... and there is *definitely* something going on. Feeling awkward, he tries to excuse himself.
Ricky: Um, I have to.. someone I need to talk to. I like owe them money. (he leaves)

In the car.
Jordan notices that Angela is shivering a bit.
Jordan: You wanna go somewhere warm?
Angela: I don't want to go back in yet.
Jordan: We could go somewhere else. (he looks at her, his eyes catching light from outside) There's no one at my place. We don't have to, you know, like *do* anything or.. anything...

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