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Summer Break - Part 1

written by Jeroen de Jong

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Published: 1997 | Size: 43 KB (8540 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 4.2/5   4.2/5 (6 votes)
MSCL / X-Files Crossover

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman


Interior Mulder’s office. It’s semi-dark, in that X-files sort of way. As the camera pans through the room we see lots of papers all over the place and the drawers of Mulder’s file cabinet are all somewhat open. Mulder is nowhere to be seen. Camera pans towards the open door and we see assistant director Skinner knock.

SKINNER: Agent Mulder?

Mulder rises from under his desk holding a piece of paper, smiling vaguely.

MULDER: I have been looking for this all morning.

Skinner enters the room, looks around, he carries a small brown envelope. He glances at some newspaper clippings and photographs on Mulder’s bulletin board. Then he looks at Mulder again.

SKINNER: Creating order in chaos, agent Mulder?

MULDER: Well, sort of. [pauses] What can I do for you?

SKINNER: Nothing. [pauses] So when are you leaving?

MULDER: Tomorrow.

SKINNER: I never thought you were the outdoor type of guy.

MULDER: Well, neither did I.

SKINNER: [holds up the envelope] Some college kid just left this for you. [pauses] So. [pauses] Have a nice trip.

MULDER: Thank you.

Skinner puts the envelope on Mulder’s desk. Without saying one word he walks out of the room. Mulder watches him leave and then he picks up the envelope. He opens it and gets out a zip-disk. It is just black, no label or anything. Mulders turns his computer on and shoves a pile of paper away. He inserts the disk as he tries to see what files are on it, on the screen a windowsbox pops up, asking him for a password. Mulder gets out the disk and puts it in his inside pocket. Then he puts all the paper on his desk in one box and shoves it in a corner. He closes the file cabinet, turns off the computer and gets another zip-disk out of a desk drawer. It’s also black. He puts it on his desk, at the exact spot where Skinner had put the other one. Then Mulder gets his coat, turns the lights off and walks through the door. From the inside we see Mulder close the door, we hear him lock it and then we hear his footsteps down the hall.


Interior Angela’s room. Rickie and Danielle are sitting on the bed, reading some comic book together and Angela is cleaning up. From her boombox we hear Sheryl Crow singing "All I wanna do is have some fun". Angela ducks under her desk and comes back with a blue sock. She looks at Rickie.

ANGELA: I have been looking for this for like weeks.

Patty comes in, with a big overnight bag.

PATTY: [a little stressed and irritated] You have been *looking* for that?

ANGELA: Well, [hesitates] I have been missing it.

PATTY: And that’s not the same thing, right? [pauses] Anyway, here’s the bag you wanted.

ANGELA: Thanks mom.

PATTY: Come on, Danielle. You should be packing too.

DANIELLE: [sighs] Why can’t you do that? You’re my mother.

PATTY: Sure. [firm voice] You come with me now.

Danielle gets off the bed, giving Rickie a roll with her eyes. He smiles. Patty and Danielle leave.

RICKIE: So, Jordan is giving you a ride to D.C.?

ANGELA: [excited] Yeah, can you believe it?

RICKIE: Hardly. You’re gonna have the greatest time and I get to work at Ben & Jerry’s.

ANGELA: At least it’s better than working at Big Guy Burger, like Rayanne. [laughs, funny voice] Hi-ya. Welcome to Big Guy Burger, where every guy is a big guy. [they both laugh] It’s too weird.

RICKIE: I can’t imagine why they hired her. [pauses] I can’t imagine why they hired me.

ANGELA: You know what colours to mix. Maybe you can make some real cool fashionable ice cream special.

RICKIE: Right. At least I don’t have to work in a greasy kitchen all day long. [pauses] So, what are you gonna do with Dana Scully?

Angela comes to the bed and falls on it. She puts her face in a pillow, giggling.

ANGELA: [smiling] O, Rickie. I’m so nervous.

RICKIE: [surprised] Why? I thought you liked her a lot.

ANGELA: I do, I really do. But I have never spent so much time with a grown-up, that wasn’t a relative. [pauses] And she’s like from another planet or something. No, I mean she’s more from the real world. [pauses] We’ll see. She is going to show me Washington and the J. Edgar Hoover building.

RICKIE: Maybe you can get one those FBI-visitor badges, like the ones on TV. That would be great.


Angela falls down again with her face in a pillow. Then Danielle comes in and Angela gets her head up again. Her hair is all over her face. Danielle looks somewhat disapproving.


DANIELLE: Are you on anything?

ANGELA: *On* anything?

DANIELLE: Yeah, like on drugs or something.

Angela bursts into laughter and puts her face into the pillow again.

RICKIE: [smiling, fake reassuring, to Danielle] Never mind. She’s just nervous about leaving Three Rivers for a week.

ANGELA: [laughing, mumbling from under the pillow] And I’m really gonna miss you all.



Interior cheap looking diner. The Cigarette Smoking Man and some other old man are drinking coffee. The CSM is - of course - holding a half-burnt cigarette in his hand. He brings the cigarette to his mouth, sucks it and inhales deeply. The other man looks at some pictures and puts them in a folder. We see the last three pictures he’s looking at. The first one is a picture of Mulder standing by his car, the second one is of Scully entering her appartment and the third one is a picture of a real familiar street, showing Brian Krakow in front of his house, talking to a guy in his early twenties, a college senior type of guy. The CSM breathes out, producing a lot of smoke.

CSM: So, where is he going?

OLD MAN: He is flying to Denver at five. He is going to make some hiking trip in the mountains.

CSM: Alone?

OLD MAN: Sure. Mulder has no friends, you know that.

CSM: And what about his partner?

OLD MAN: She took off at least two weeks. I don’t know if she’s leaving Washington.

CSM: I guess she won’t be watering Mulder’s plants, so she won’t be much trouble. I’ll let you know when you should keep an eye on her.

OLD MAN: Alright. You owe me one.

The CSM inhales deeply again and squints his eyes, like he is thinking hard. Then he puts the cigarette in the ashtray and looks right in the eyes of the other man.

CSM: I don’t owe anything to any one.



Exterior road. CU of Angela’s face from up above. She has her eyes closed. Her hair is blowing in the wind. She’s lying on something but we can’t see what it is. As the camera goes a little back, Angela opens her eyes and we see that she must be in the backseat of Jordan’s car. We hear a car radio playing "I’m the only one" by Melissa Etheridge. Someone (not Angela) is mumbling along with the song. Angela must be sitting in the center of the backseat, with her head resting on it. We’re not sure about this, because we can only see Angela’s face and not much of the surroundings. As she opens her eyes, she begins to speak.

ANGELA VO: It’s weird how out of control your life is, when you don’t have to go to school for eight weeks. [pauses] It’s like I can’t handle it or something.

Camera moves backwards some more and now we see that Angela really is in Jordan’s car. The top is down and we see Angela’s face, the red trunk and the road behind it in one shot. Angela turns her head to the right, the camera remains on her face and not on what she’s looking at. She’s staring.

ANGELA VO: Thank god I’m leaving Three Rivers for a week. It’s always turning into this kind of ghost town during summer break. Everybody’s going away for a couple of weeks and obviously not on the same time and if anyone *is* home, it’s just not the same. [pause] Like school is a necessary condition for having a good time. [pauses, smiling] I am really good at depressing myself. It’s like a talent.

She gets up and then we see the whole of the car. Jordan is behind the wheel. They’re driving on some lonely two-lane road in farmland, the sun is shining. Angela and Jordan are both wearing T-shirts. Angela wraps her arms from behind around Jordan’s chest and leans with her chin on his shoulder. Jordan smiles a little and keeps on mumbling with the song. Angela sings softly.

ANGELA: It’s only fear that makes you run, the demons that you’re hiding from. When all your promises are gone, I’m the only one.

They keep on driving and after a little while they reach a little gas station.

ANGELA: [excited] Shall we rob it?

JORDAN: [casual] Sure, the shotgun is in the trunk.

Angela smiles. As Jordan pulls over, she climbs to the front seat and gets her sunglasses out of the glove compartiment. Angela gets out and walks to the pump.

ANGELA: [childish voice] Can I do it?

JORDAN: [pointing] If you take that one.

As Jordan unlocks the fuel cap Angela takes out the pump and walks back to the car. She puts it in the tank and pulls the pump trigger. She’s looking like she’s doing something really cool.

ANGELA: My mom never lets me do this. [pauses, casual] Anyway, I stopped begging her since I was twelve.

The pump meter goes up and then the pump stops with a little shock. Jordan gets out his wallet.

ANGELA: No, I told you I would pay for this. It’s the least I can do, since you’re giving me a ride to Washington.

JORDAN: [casual] Whatever.

ANGELA: And this is much more fun than going by bus. [she kisses him] You want an icecream?

JORDAN: No. But you could get me a soda.

ANGELA: Allright.

Angela walks into the little shop. An old man stands behind the counter and nods at her. Angela’s face is expressionless. She browses through the two small racks, filled with candy, magazines and other stuff. She seems a little out of place. Like she’s uncomfortable with this situation. She gets out a magazine and looks through it, without seeing much.

ANGELA VO: [thoughtful] Why am I feeling like this is al too big for me? [pauses] In four weeks I’ll be sixteen. I made some long rides with Jordan before. I’ve been away from my parents for longer than a five days at least ten times before. And I *am* looking forward to this week. [pauses] It’s just that a week with Dana Scully is not going to be like YMCA camp. I haven’t got a clue what it *is* going to be like. [pauses] I’m nervous. I got the feeling that I could do something really stupid. Like right now.

Angela puts the magazine away. Out of the cooling she gets two cans of coke and then she walks to the counter.

OLD MAN: [slow but cheerful] Hello, my dear. What can I do for you?

ANGELA VO: [slightly irritated] That’s kind of obvious. [aloud, puts the cans on the counter] Pump number three and these two.

The old man starts to hits some keys on the register and then a little bell goes and the cash drawer opens.

OLD MAN: Nineteen seventynine.

Angela takes out her purse and takes out two ten dollar bills. She gives them to the man. He starts to get the change.


OLD MAN: [happy] Thanks, love.

ANGELA VO: I really hate these situations. I can’t take those 21 cents, but a 21-cent tip is even more embarrassing. Why isn’t everything just rounded off to the nearest dollar? That would make everybody’s life a whole lot easier.

Angela gets the two cans off the counter.

OLD MAN: So where are you going?

Angela looks up, not knowing what to say. After two or three seconds she answers.

ANGELA: [hesitating] O, just down south.

The old man frowns.

ANGELA VO: [irritated] Yeah. We’re on the run. I got pregnant, my father wants to kill us and when we robbed this diner just outside Pittsburgh we accidentally shot three customers. Like dead. [aloud, rather fast] I mean, we’re going to Washington, but we’re taking our time. Just a little detour through the Appalachians.

OLD MAN: [still frowning] O, I see.

Angela starts to walk away. Old man’s POV.

ANGELA: [cheerful] Well, bye.

OLD MAN: [hesitating] Bye.

Old man’s POV. Angela walks through the door to Jordan, she gets in the car and then they leave.



Exterior Chase’s street. Patty and Graham are standing by a red car. Danielle is getting in. In the car are a blond girl of Danielle’s age and her parents. The car starts and drives away. Patty and Graham wave at the car, Danielle looks through the window and waves back at them. When the car is gone, Patty and Graham turn around and walk back to the house. Patty looks a little sad.

PATTY: [thoughtful] Are we doing the right thing? Sending them both away like this?

GRAHAM: [reassuring] Patty, we’ve done this before. Angela’s been to those YMCA camps three times. And all those girl scout camps? This time we even *know* the people that they’re going to.

PATTY: [not convinced] Do we? I’m sure Cindy’s parents are fine, but that Scully woman? What is she going to do with Angela for one whole week?

GRAHAM: [little impatient] That Scully woman, as you name her, saved both the girls’s lives. I think that will suffice for taking good care of Angela. [pauses] And I have never seen her so excited to go away for a couple of days. She’ll be allright. [pauses] Or are you worried about Jordan giving her a ride to D.C.?

PATTY: [fast] No, I’m not worried about that. They don’t need this trip to do things I don’t want them to do. And besides that, I have this feeling Angela is not ready for that yet. Thank god. [hesitates, worried look] Tell me I’m right.

GRAHAM: [casual] I guess so, but you know how it is. Sunshine, far away from home, lots of quiet places in the woods -

PATTY: [interrupting, irritated] Shut up. I knew this wasn’t a good idea.

GRAHAM: [smiling] Come on, Patty. We can’t do a thing about that anyway. But on the plus side: we have got one week for ourselves. And that hasn’t happened since Danielle was a baby.

He puts his arm around her shoulder and Patty smiles vaguely. They walk into the house.



Interior Jordan’s car. Angela’s also sitting in the front seat. They both have sunglasses on. They’re driving on a two lane road through a forest. The radio is playing softly "Good vibrations" by The Beach Boys. Angela’s looking at a map. She puts the map in her lap and takes a look in the right rearview mirror. In the mirror we can see a police car.

ANGELA: [worried] That police car is still following us. [looks at her watch] It’s been ten minutes now.

JORDAN: It’s probably going the same way. Relax. I’m not speeding.

ANGELA: [still worried] Maybe the old guy at the gas station called them. Maybe he thought I was acting suspicious.

JORDAN: You weren’t.

ANGELA: We should loose him. Like to be sure it’s not following us.

JORDAN: [smiling] Yeah, that’s probably the best way to deal with it. If I try to loose him, he sure is gonna follow us.

ANGELA: No. I mean, pull over and see if he’s gonna stop.

JORDAN: Is this what you’re telling your parents everytime you spot a cop when you’re driving?

ANGELA: [irritated] Just shut up and pull over, will you?

JORDAN: Alright, alright.

Jordan pulls over and turns off the engine. Angela looks nervous. The police car passes them and the cop in it looks at them. Angela keeps looking straight ahead. Jordan is trying to find a good station on the radio. They watch the police car drive away on the road. When it’s gone, Angela looks kind of relieved at Jordan. She gets closer to him and kisses him on his lips.

ANGELA: [softly] Thanks.

JORDAN: Whatever. [pauses] What is your problem? We didn’t *do* anything. *And* you’re gonna spend a whole week with a cop. What are you afraid of?

ANGELA: Dana is not a cop. Not a *cop* cop. [pauses, sighs] Well, I don’t know. [looking thoughtful, VO] Being here with you makes me feel like a criminal. And that doesn’t make sense.

Angela looks up at him again, smiling one of her great smiles.

ANGELA: You did bring your swimming shorts, right?

JORDAN: [frowning] Well, yeah.

ANGELA: See, I found this little lake on the map. [wicked voice] And I figured that we have enough time to go for a little swim before we get on the interstate again.

Jordan looks surprised but happy. Angela gets the map and points at the lake.

ANGELA: It’s like ten miles from here I guess.

JORDAN: Well, let’s go then.

Angela smiles as he turns on the engine and pulls up. (** note: Some of you real Claire fans may have noticed that the first part of this scene is inspired by Claire’s appearance in The Tonight Show somewhere in 1997, just before "U-turn" was released. There she talks about a trip she made with Ben, on which one time she thought they got followed by police car. **)



Interior Scully’s appartment. She’s walking around on bear feet, cleaning things up. The stereo is playing that well-known Portishead song (‘Give me a reason, I just wanna be a woman...’). She’s wearing jeans and a black "The Lost World: Jurassic Park" T-shirt. Then the bell rings. She walks to the door and looks through the little glass hole in her door and the she opens the door. It’s Mulder, Scully looks a little surprised.


MULDER: Hi. [smiling] Nice T-shirt.

SCULLY: Yeah, it went with the discount frog d.n.a.-samples at the K-mart. Come in, Mulder.

Mulder walks in. He looks around the room. He’s carrying a small plastic bag.

MULDER: I never thought you really needed to clean up.

SCULLY: Well, I’m not on such good terms with the little grey men as you are.

MULDER: Too bad for you, ‘cause they’re good cooks too.

SCULLY: What brings *you* here? I thought you were leaving for The Rockies today?

MULDER: I am, I am. My plane flies at five. I just came here to say goodbye.

Scully frowns.

SCULLY: You *are*?

MULDER: Sure. [gets 6-pack Corona carton, with four bottles left, out of the bag] And I needed to get rid of these before I leave. I thought they wouldn’t make it in a fridge that’s in a coma for four weeks. [pauses] And you know I don’t have any real friends.

SCULLY: [smiling] What about the little grey men?

MULDER: They don’t drink.

Scully walks to the open kitchen and gets a lemon out of the fridge and cuts out two slices. Mulder opens two bottles and puts in the lemon slices. They sit down on the couch and hold up the bottles.

SCULLY: To your brave solo hike.

MULDER: To your great cleaning.

They drink. Scully leans back.

MULDER: So, why are you cleaning big time?

SCULLY: Those things need to be done, don’t they?

MULDER: Not when it’s this hot.

SCULLY: Well, [pauses] that girl Angela is coming tonight. I thought it would be nice to have a somewhat clean house. [apologizing] Just in case she’s allergic to dust or anything.

MULDER: So, what are you going to do? She’s staying for like a week, isn’t she?

SCULLY: Yes, she is. I don’t know. I am going to show her our precious FBI building, give her a tour around the city. [pauses] And I look forward to do some real girl things: shopping, sunbathing on the beach. [hesitates]

MULDER: [ironic] The things *we* never do. [pauses] So, why did you invite her? That’s not much like you.

Scully looks up at Mulder, thinking of something. She doesn’t know what to say right away. Mulder’s POV. She gets up and walks to the kitchen.

SCULLY: I’m out of sunflower seed, but I do have pistachios. It’s like the same, only bigger.

MULDER: Fine with me.

Out of a cupboard Scully gets a little bag of pistachio’s, she also gets a small bowl. Then she walks back to the couch and sits down again. She puts the pistachios and the bowl between them on the couch. Mulder looks at her, still waiting for an answer.

SCULLY: I like her. From the first moment I saw her, I felt like I have known her forever. It was that morning when we went to see that kid Brian Krakow, but he wasn’t home. She sat there, on a saturday morning at 7.30, probably the first one up in the entire street. I felt some connection. [pauses] You know, I told you once she reminded me so much of Melissa. But I was wrong. [short pause] She reminds me of myself when I was fifteen. [pauses, smiling] And I liked that. So, getting her over here, is probably some way of getting back to that.

She looks at Mulder, as to see if he is satisfied with this explanation. Mulder is cracking a pistachio. Scully changes the subject.

SCULLY: And what are *you* going to find on your trip?

MULDER: I don’t know. I’ll just walk through the mountains, camp in the wild, make my own fires, grow a beard. I finally get a chance to read "Gravity’s Rainbow". I’m *not* taking my cellular along. [ironic] Maybe I’ll run into some shotdown UFO’s.

SCULLY: [mildly sarcastic] Just remember that *I* am the one who always gets you *out* of trouble.

Mulder smiles. They sit back in a short comfortable silence, drinking and cracking nuts. After a little while Mulder speaks again.

MULDER: So, you’re picking Angela up at the bus station?

SCULLY: No, her boyfriend is dropping her at the train station. He’s going to his cousin who also lives in Washington. But she won’t be there until six. [pauses] Which means I could give you a ride to the airport.

MULDER: That would be nice. I never get waved good-bye.



Exterior lake. It’s a small lake in the woods. There’s also a small sandy beach. Jordan standing by the car, putting on his T-shirt, his hair is all wet. Angela is falling down on a towel in her swimming suit. She’s completely wet. She’s looking at Jordan.

ANGELA: Hey, you can’t just get up and get dressed the second I get out of the water.

Jordan walks back to her and gets on his knees. He kisses her. As they kiss, Angela pulls his arm and he falls to the ground on his back. She gets on top of him and kisses him passionately. His hands run over her back. CU of their kissing faces. Angela looks as ‘out of this world’ as in the car kiss in "Why Jordan can’t read".

ANGELA: [whispering, with her lips two inches away from his] Now you’re all wet again.

JORDAN: [whispering] Yeah.

Angela starts kissing his cheek and his neck. She chivers when Jordan tries to pull down the straps of her swimming suit. He touches her bare shoulders. She keeps kissing him. Then out of nowhere they hear the sound of a car parking next to theirs and they jump up. Angela puts her straps back on immediately. The car is an old pick-up and a forty year old man gets out. He’s wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt. Angela and Jordan look at him. Angela looks uncomfortable.

ANGELA VO: So much for me making out in the open.

GUY: [cheerful] Don’t take any notice of me, kids. I’m just going for a fish on the other side of the lake.

He walks to the back of his truck and gets out a fishing rod and a plastic box. Then he takes a look at Jordan’s car.

GUY: [approving] Nice wheels, son. Perfect in the summer, but I bet it’s damn’ cold from october ‘till april.

JORDAN: Whatever.

The guy starts to walk away.

GUY: Well, I’ll be seeing you. Have a good swim.

The guy takes a small path trough the bushes and disappears. Jordan looks at Angela. He looks a little irritated. Angela laughs.

ANGELA: [smiling] Let’s just get out of here. We’ll dry in the car.

They get their stuff, get in the car and drive away.



Interior airport departures. Mulder and Scully are about to say goodbye. It’s kind of weird to see Mulder wearing trekking clothes and a big backpack.

MULDER: OK This is it. [pauses] Thanks for driving me here.

SCULLY: That’s OK I’ll see you in four weeks.

MULDER: I’ll send you a postcard.

They’re both kind of hesitating to say goodbye. Since they’re both workaholics, they’re not used to not seeing each other for such a long time. Scully looks like she wants to hug him or something, Mulder is just smiling a little insecure. She pats him on the shoulder.

SCULLY: [slightly trembling voice] Just take care of yourself.

MULDER: [smiling] I will. Besides, hiking isn’t as dangerous as standard FBI-work.

Scully smiles. Mulder gets his ticket out of his pocket and puts the backpack on his back.

MULDER: See you.


Then Mulder walks away. He looks back one more time and then he turns a corner and he’s gone. We see Scully watching Mulder and even when he’s gone she’s still looking at the point she last saw him. CU of her face. The camera zooms out and then we see that Scully is standing somewhere else. She is in the arrival hall of the trainstation, standing near a bookshop. She looks at her watch. It’s 5.50. Scully looks around, we only see *her* face, not the hall. As she hears her name being called, she quickly turns her face to the right.

ANGELA: [off-screen, loud] Dana!

Camera pulls back and we see Angela walking towards Scully. They both mile, happy to see each other. Angela is carrying a big overnight bag and her red Jansport backpack.

SCULLY: So, you made it.

ANGELA: Yes. Jordan just dropped me off and went to his cousin. It’s still a two-hour drive for him.

SCULLY: For us it’s only a twenty-minute drive. Come on, let’s go. [points at the overnight bag] Shall we carry that together?

ANGELA: Alright.

Angela offers Scully a handle of the bag and they walk away. The camera zooms out and goes up, keeping Scully and Angela in the middle of the shot. We see more and more of the station hall and we see how crowded it is. Scully and Angela disappear in the crowd. Fade to black.



Interior Chase living room. Patty is sitting on the couch reading a magazine. The doorbell rings. Patty gets up and opens the door. It’s Brian.

PATTY: Hi Brian.

BRIAN: Hi mrs. Chase. Is Angela home?

PATTY: [pitiful look] No, she left for Washington this morning. Didn’t you know?

BRIAN: [disappointed, but trying to hide it] O. [short pause] Well, yes, I knew about that. I just thought she’d go tomorrow. [pauses] I came to pick up that J.D. Salinger book she still has. I kind of need it this week.

PATTY: Well, I think Angela wouldn’t mind if you picked it up. She cleaned her room before she left, I guess you’ll find it right away.

BRIAN: [hesitating] Are you sure?

PATTY: Yes, yes. Come on in. You know the way.

Brian comes in, goes up the stairs and hesitates when he stands in front of Angela’s closed door. He slowly opens the door, feeling he is doing something forbidden. Angela’s room is not the usual mess, it looks extremely neat. Very unusual. Brian walks to her desk. Precisely in the middle of the desk is the book he is looking for: "Franny and Zooey" by J.D. Salinger. In the middle of the white cover, surrounded by the black letters, is a little yellow Post-it note with the word "brian" on it. CU of the Post-it note. Brian picks up the book and looks at the yellow note. With his fingers he touches the letters. His face shows a somewhat insecure expression, like he wants to believe that there is more to this little note than there actually is. While he is staring at the book cover, Graham comes in. Brian hears him and quickly turns around. Looking a little caught.

GRAHAM: Hi Brian.

BRIAN: Hello mr. Chase.

GRAHAM: [looking at the book] I guess you found the book.

BRIAN: [little nervous] Yes. I want to have something to read on the plane.

GRAHAM: Sure. You’re leaving tomorrow, right?


GRAHAM: Well, I guess you won’t be bored on your flight. Angela totally loved the book. She finished it in two days.

BRIAN: [mumbling] I thought so. [pauses] So, how are things going at the restaurant?

GRAHAM: [smiling] Fine. Great. But I’m glad I took a week off, it’s been awfully busy last month.

BRIAN: OK I gotta go now. Pack my suitcase and stuff. Bye.

He walks rather fast past Graham, who looks a little surprised. Three seconds later we hear the front door slam.

GRAHAM: Sure. Have a nice time, Brian.



Rayanne’s house. Rayanne and Rickie are sitting on the couch, watching MTV. Save Ferris ("Come on Eileen") is on. Rayanne is shaking her head and mouthing along with the song. Amber is in the kitchen pooring drinks.

AMBER: You guys want something to eat?

RAYANNE: No thanks.

AMBER: Rickie?

RICKIE: No, thank you.

AMBER: Alright then. I gotta go to the hospital, I’ll be back by eleven tonight.

Phone rings. Rayanne looks around and finds it under some pillows on the floor. CUT to Sharon’s house, Sharon is on the phone. During the conversation we switch between Rayanne’s and Sharon’s.

SHARON: Hi Rayanne, it’s Sharon.

RAYANNE: Cherski?

SHARON: Duh! Yes, of *course*. Listen, you wanna go see a movie tonight? There’s this new George Clooney movie, "Out of sight", and I really want to see it.

RAYANNE: You like George Clooney? But he’s like 45 or something. Like you’re dad. [pauses] Cherski, I’m shocked.

SHARON: Shut up, Rayanne. You wanna go?

RAYANNE: Sure. [to Rickie] Wanna go see "Out of sight"?

RICKIE: Yeah, I love George. He’s so cool.

RAYANNE: [to Sharon] Alright. Rickie’s coming too. Are *you* bringing a date? [laughing]

SHARON: No. [pauses] But wait. I can ask Brian.

RAYANNE: ‘Cause he likes George Clooney too?

SHARON: [impatient] No-o. For fun.

RAYANNE: Weird idea of fun you have, Cherski.

SHARON: My mom will drive us, pick you up at eight?

RAYANNE: [cheerful] All-right-ie-roo.

Rayanne hangs up the phone.

RAYANNE: [faking surprise] Sharon likes George Clooney? I thought she had this whole Brad Pitt thing going.

RICKIE: [sighs] I like the other doctor, that young guy, what’s his name? Doctor Carter or something?

AMBER: It would be great if they all got transferred to Three Rivers Memorial. All I got is a bunch of creeps. [walking towards the door] I’m gone. Have fun tonight.


RAYANNE: Bye, mom.



Interior Scully’s appartment. Scully is setting the table. Angela is sitting on the couch, dialling a number on the phone. She holds the receiver to her ear.

ANGELA: Hi dad, it’s me. - Yeah, the trip was fine. - Dana has a real cool place, you know. - No, of course I didn’t drive. At all. – I’m alright. [smiling] Oh, hi mom. - Yes, she was waiting for me. – I’m fine. [impatient look] So, Danielle left this afternoon? - Look mom, Dana made dinner, I gotta hang up. - Yes, I’ll call you later. - Sure, sure. – I’ll send a postcard too. - Bye. - Yes, bye.

Angela puts the phone down and sighs. She turns around and looks at Scully, who’s already sitting at the table.

SCULLY: It’s in the oven, it still needs just a minute or two.

Angela gets up and take a seat at the table.

ANGELA: My parents are so concerned, it’s almost psychiatrical.

SCULLY: They’re parents.

ANGELA: Yeah, it’s like their job, or something. But nothing went wrong.

SCULLY: So, how was your trip?

Angela blushes.

ANGELA: It was incredible. I love roadtrips. And Jordan’s car is so cool, it’s a convertible. [pauses] Top down, wind in your hair, radio playing loud. [sighs, looking dreamy] All the time in the world to let your thoughts go anywhere. [pauses, looks at Scully again, wicked smile] And then I found this lake on the map and we went there. It was beautiful, quiet and all. And after we swam, we made out and it was the best.

Angela blushes again, Scully smiles, not embarrassed or anything.

ANGELA: But then this guy with this car came out of nowhere and we got up in a split second. The moment was ruined, but not in a bad way. [sighs] Jordan is so great. He’s smart and all, but people don’t notice that. But when you get to know him, you realize that his thoughts go *so* deep.

The oven clock rings and Scully gets up.

SCULLY: Excuse me, got to save our dinner. You want something to drink?

ANGELA: Some water, please.

Scully gets the lasagne out of the oven and puts it on the table.

ANGELA: This really smells good.

Scully walks back to the kitchen and pours two glasses full of water. She comes back and sits down.

SCULLY: Well, lasagne is one of the few things I *can* make. There are three or four more things. I’m glad you’re not staying for a month.



Exterior movie theater. Sharon, Brian, Rickie and Rayanne are sitting on the pavement. They’re talking and laughing, in front of them stands a huge box of popcorn.

RAYANNE: Let’s just drop the subject. George Clooney is great. Period. If only I looked more like Jennifer Lopez. [sighs]

RICKIE: Maybe she is my long lost sister or something.

RAYANNE: That would be so cool. You should write her sometime. [looks at Brian] We don’t know much about what kind of girls you like, Krakow. What about Latin girls?

BRIAN: Well, [hesitates] she was sort of pretty. But she’s not my type.

RAYANNE: I am your type, right?

BRIAN: Shut up. [stares away]

RAYANNE: Wait a sec, we *do* know what your type is, right? You fall for cute, innocent, false redheads that are totally obsessed with somebody else.

BRIAN: [irritated] Just shut up, will you. I’m totally over her.

RAYANNE: Yeah right.

SHARON: Speaking of the subject, do you know what she’s going to do with that FBI-person?

RICKIE: I think she didn’t know much about it herself.

RAYANNE: I think they’re going to exchange hair dyeing tips. Angela sure needs some more of that red stuff.

RICKIE: I don’t think Dana Scully needs her hair re-dyed.

SHARON: Angela is *so* lucky. She gets to do really cool things, with this really cool adult person and we are stuck here, doing stupid summer jobs.

BRIAN: I’m leaving tomorrow.

RAYANNE: For what? Summer college?

BRIAN: *No*. For France.

RICKIE: You’re going to *France*? Why didn’t you tell us? That’s great.

BRIAN: Well, I’m going with my parents, so it’s not that great.

RAYANNE: Ooh-la-la. Brian in France. Voulez-vous coucher avec moi? [pauses] Sorry Bri, can’t help making all the obvious jokes. Did you know I told Jordan once that Angela was from France, to get him to make her that fake ID? Man, that seems like four years ago.

Then the Cherski wagon pulls up in front of them and they all get up.

RAYANNE: Hey, Brian, you remember that. With that mouse-meter and everything.

RICKIE: Yeah, that was fun.

RAYANNE: You probably didn’t guess then, that you would be going to a movie with us ever.

BRIAN: [mumbling] You can say that again.

CAMILLE: [yelling out of the car] Come on guys. Let’s get out of here, before I get a ticket.

They get in the car and the car drives away. From a distance we see it disappear in the traffic.



Scully’s apartment. Angela and Scully are sitting on the couch, drinking tea. Scully looks totally relaxed, less tense than normal. Angela is sitting with her feet on the couch, her head resting on the top cushion, she looks a little tired. It looks like they have been talking for a while.

SCULLY: So, we’re going to the FBI building tomorrow.

ANGELA: I’d like that. [pauses] So, was there like a moment in your life that you wanted to become an FBI agent?

SCULLY: Well, no. It just came along the way. I studied medicine and was going to be a doctor, but somewhere along the track the FBI became an option.

ANGELA: That’s weird.

SCULLY: [smiles] Well, it started to get really weird when I got assigned to agent Mulder. He was working on all these unsolvable, paranormal sort of cases, called the X-files. And I had to check up on him, if he was doing his work right. [pauses] Actually, they wanted me to prove that his work was way out of line, so that they could close the X-files and get Mulder to focus on more realistic cases.

ANGELA: The X-files, that sounds kind of cool.

SCULLY: [thinking] It does, doesn’t it? [pauses] Anyway, I sort of did the opposite of what I was supposed to do. Putting my background in medical science together with Mulder’s enthusiasm for the mysterious, seemed a good way to deal with all these so-called unsolvable cases. Like the one with mrs. Branigan and the blood that Brian was analysing.

ANGELA VO: [staring, leaning back] The moment she said Brian’s name some strange, warm feeling went through my entire body and gave me goose bumps. It surprised me, but not in a bad way. Just this morning I tried to write a note for him, saying how much I liked "Franny and Zooey" and that somewhere I could relate to this girl Franny, that is totally misunderstood by her boyfriend because of some so-called truth she found. And then she finds some comfort in her brother Zooey. But that was of course impossible to write to Brian Krakow, even though on some level he might understand it more than anybody else. Instead of writing a note, I just put a yellow sticky note on the book with his name on it and left it in the exact, geometrically center of my empty desk. [she hears that Scully asks her something, but wasn’t listening well enough] I’m sorry, what did you say?

SCULLY: [smiling] If you wanted some more tea?

ANGELA: Yes, sure. [pauses] Sometimes my mind just wanders off and I have a hard time getting back. It happens to me all the time.

SCULLY: [pouring tea] Don’t apologize. I’m used to that sort of thing.

ANGELA: [surprised] Really? It happens to you too?

SCULLY: No, not to me. But wandering off is like agent Mulder’s permanent state of mind.



Interior FBI-building, a badly lit hallway. A young man, about 25, walks cautiously through the hallway, looking at the closed doors, with no signs. It’s the same guy as we saw on the picture with Brian Krakow. The picture the Cigarette Smoking Man’s "friend" had. He looks a little like Ethan Hawke in "Reality Bites". He’s wearing jeans and a black T-shirt and is carrying a real small backpack. He looks somewhat out of place. He goes around a corner and looks at a door with a small sign saying: "Special Agent F. Mulder". He gets a key out of his pocket. Just as he wants to insert the key into the lock, he hears two pairs of footsteps coming closer fast. He quickly goes back in the direction he came from, away from the footsteps. He tries some doors and hides in the first one that opens. It’s a small room with cleaning stuff like brooms. He closes the door fast and silent. The camera focuses on his face, which is covered with sweat drops and obviously shows fear. The footsteps stop and we hear the sound of a door that’s being unlocked and opened. After a couple of seconds of silence, we hear the door being closed and locked again. Then the footsteps leave again. When total silence has returned, the guy gets out of the cleaning closet and walks back to Mulder’s office. He opens the door and quickly gets in. After he’s closed the door he gets a small torch out of his backpack - one of those cool Mini-Maglites - and looks around the office. It’s in the same state as when Mulder left it the day before. The guy walks towards the desk and looks for something. He sees the black disk and picks it up. Out of his bag he gets another black disk and puts it where the other was. Then he puts the bag on his back again and walks towards the door. He opens the door, puts the torch out and disappears in the dark hallway.


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