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Parazone - Part 1

written by Jeroen de Jong

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Published: 1997 | Size: 33 KB (6448 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 4.6/5   4.6/5 (9 votes)
MSCL / X-Files Crossover

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

VO: voice-over
CU: close-up
SC: slam cut
POV: point of view

note: I took the liberty of changing Brian's house to right in front of Angela's house across the street.



Fade from black to Angela sitting in front of her window at night. She's looking outside. A full moon is visible. She's wearing the sleeping longsleeve and shorts as in the beginning of 'Betrayal'. At the bottom of the screen appears the text: Three Rivers, Pennsylvania. April 6, 11.00 p.m. Angela leans with her head to the window and looks at the moon.

Angela VO: Rayanne was right. Or Emily. Or the guy who wrote the play. The moonlight *is* terrible. Or can be. Anyway, it is now. It's too bright. The night isn't really night now. It should be black. As black as night.

The camera (Angela's POV) goes from the moon to the street and in a tree on the other side of the road Brian is reading a book with a flashlight. Angela looks at him carefully, like she's trying to find out what he's reading, which is impossible of course.

Angela VO: Today it seems like all the people I know, have or do these things that totally don't make sense. Rayanne and Sharon are bonding, Rickie seems like involved with Delia. Jordan is like really trying and the way *I* feel about *him* doesn't make sense at all.

Camera goes from the street to a CU of Angela. She stands up, closes the curtains and gets in bed.

Angela VO: And Brian. Him reading Dostojevski in a tree is maybe the least weirdest thing he did the last couple of weeks.

Outside (off-screen) a slight crashy sound is heard. Angela gets up again and pushes one of the curtains aside. Brian is on the street now and picks up the remains of his flashlight. Then a shiny, black Mercedes with darkened windows and no lights on comes around the corner, nearly without making any sound. It slows down as it gets near Brian. While the car is still driving the right front door is opened (at Brian's side of the street) and we can see Brian taking a big package from an invisible person in the car. We can only see the arm of the person, it looks like a woman's arm in a red coat sleeve. The car is gone as soon as it appeared. Brian is not moving for a couple of seconds, like he is deciding what to do. Then he looks up and sees Angela behind the window. He looks like he's caught doing something wrong and quickly goes inside his house. Angela keeps looking through the window. She's looking surprised but also a little bit scared. The moon comes through a cloud. Fade to black.



Exterior busy city street. Mulder walks to a newspaper stand and buys a paper. At the bottom of the screen appears the text: Washington, D.C. April 7, 9.30 a.m. He walks into a nearly empty diner and takes a seat at the bar. The waitress - 30, blond out of a bottle, plain looking, a coffee stain on her apron - is changing coffeepots.

Mulder: A coffee and a chocolate muffin, please.

The waitress gets him the coffee and the muffin and Mulder starts to read the paper. At page 3 he sees an article with the title: Two National Paranormal Association Board Members Died Mysteriously. Under the line is a picture with two smiling men in their sixties. They're wearing golfing clothes. The one on the left is waving with his club. Mulder's cellular rings.

Mulder: Hello?

Scully: Good morning Mulder. Read the paper?

Mulder: Just starting.

Scully: Well, keep reading and then come to the office. I've got more information than the Washington Post. Bye.

Mulder puts his phone away. Takes a fast sip of his coffee, puts some change on the counter and grabs his muffin and the paper. He gets out in a hurry.

Waitress: Thanks for stopping by.

Mulder slams the diner door hard - not on purpose. From the waitress's POV we see Mulder hurry outside and the "sorry we're closed/yes we're open" sign turns a couple of times and then stops saying "yes we're open".

SC to interior office F.B.I. Mulder opens a door with as much force as he closed the one at the diner. Scully is sitting at a desk full of papers, with the sign "Special Agent Fox Mulder" on it. She frowns at Mulders explosive arrival. At the wall behind her we see Mulder's "I want to believe" poster.

Mulder: They gave us the N.P.A. case?

Scully: Yes. Finally we got a real case again.

Mulder: But why? Do you know how mysterious the deaths were?

Scully: Well, I'd say pretty strange. The first one, Peter David, 63 years old, died apperently in his sleep, natural causes. But right after he died a large amount of blood was taken from him. About 5 liters. They took it from several points from his body: arms, neck, waist. And they did it professionally. Like in a hospital.

Mulder: That made him some hell of a donor. Did he have a rare bloodtype?

Scully: No. O negative. Nothing special at all.

Mulder: Hmm. And the other one?

Scully: Marc Branigan, 66 years old. Died the same day, only a couple of hours later. This happened two weeks ago. They found them both in a cabin in the woods near Pittsburgh. He had a severe brain haemorraghe and died while he had it. Strange thing is that the haemorraghe came out of nowhere. Branigan was 66 years old, but in great shape. The chance of a haemorraghe like this happening to him is just about zero. It's the same chance for us or a fifteen year old having one like he had.

Mulder: And the N.P.A.? That's like the Rotary for the paranormally gifted, right?

Scully: Yes. It's a harmless group of rich, paranormal people. They donate money to paranormal related research, get together two weekends every year and bother no one. Do you want some coffee?

Mulder: Yes.

They walk out of the office, through a hallway to a little kitchen with a coffee-maker. The can is half full. Scully takes two mugs with the F.B.I. sign out of a cupboard and pours coffee in them. While they're doing this, the talking goes on.

Mulder: Do our victims have an interesting background?

Scully: Branigan doesn't. He's from a rich family and worked all of his life in the family business. It was something with real estate. But David was a decorated Vietnam veteran. He worked in a low rank with the military intelligence. He was in Vietnam for only half a year. He got wounded and was sent home.

Mulder: Like thousands of others.

Scully: But a low rank soldier doesn't get into the N.P.A. Here's the interesting part: back in the U.S. David was given $100,000 danger money for things he had done in Vietnam. And that's highly unusual.

Mulder: What did he do?

Scully: There's no record of that.

Mulder: And we can't ask him.

Scully: Anyway, he invested the money and got rich fast. And he was paranormally gifted, so he joined the N.P.A.

Mulder: How come we got this case?

Scully: Branigan and David died two weeks ago. The Pittsburgh police can't find a thing and want to close the case on 'death of natural causes'. Even if you accept Branigan's haemorraghe, that doesn't explain the five missing liters of David's blood. Somebody in Pittsburgh couldn't live with that. And that's where we come in.



Interior Liberty High, hallway with lockers. Angela is leaning against the lockers looking across the hallway to Brian who's getting a book out of his. She's looking like it could be possible to read on his head what happened the other night. It's obvious Brian doesn't want to see Angela. He closes his locker and walks away. Rickie appears, Angela - caught up in her thoughts - doesn't notice him untill he speaks.

Rickie: Having second thoughts?

Angela: Huh?

Rickie: On Brian. I mean you do stare a lot, but *that* long and at *that* person. [smiles] It makes you think.

Angela: [laughing a little] Oh, shut up.

Angela opens her locker. The back of the door is completely poster-free. She gets out a book.

Rickie: You must be the only one at Liberty without anything on their locker door. Maybe the only one in the United States. Even Brian has things on his.

Angela: Yeah, like laserprinted graphs.

Rickie: You know that's not true. But why?

Angela: What should I put there? It just seems that anything you put up in your locker door should reflect the kind of person you are.

Rickie: Well, yes. Or who you want to be.

Angela: I just haven't figured that out yet. [VO] And I probably never will.

Angela leans at the other lockers. We see the blank back of her locker door and a thoughtful expression on her face in one shot.

Rickie: That's o.k. But isn't there something you like a lot? [playing getting impatient with her] Because it's *so* boring!!

They laugh.

Angela: I don't know. A couple of months ago, I took my R.E.M. poster off the wall, 'cause I got tired of looking at them. But I still like their music. I get to my locker a dozen of times everyday. Everything I put in there ought to be really good.

Rickie: Forget it. I'll think of something. [bell rings] Gotta go to computer. Bye.

Angela: Bye.

Angela takes one final look at the blank locker door and then closes it. She walks away through the crowded hallway.



English class. Mr. Katimski is standing in front of the class, reading a poem, we cannot hear him well. Angela is looking out the window, her head leaning on one hand. Brian is listening carefully and so is Jordan. Sharon is playing with her hair, she's obviously bored. Katimski comes to the final lines of the poem.

Katimski: "To give away yourself keeps yourself still,
And you must live, drawn by your own sweet skill."
[pauses for a moment and looks at the students] Allright. Any comments on this poem? [no reaction] What does Shakespeare tells us to do? [no reaction again] Come on, it isn't that hard.

Brian: That you should do what you're good at?

Katimski: Yes. That's right. But he asks more than just that. Anyone?

Jordan: To take risks.

Angela turns around and looks at him smiling a little, trying to catch his glance. Jordan looks at Katimski without seeing Angela.

Katimski: Can you explain that?

Jordan: Well, yeah. [pauses, searching for words] You should give yourself completely in doing what you're good at. Like losing yourself, like there's no turning back. Or whatever.

Katimski: That's a real good point. Thank you, Jordan. We shouldn't allways play things safely. Sometimes it's good to lose yourself in doing something. Sometimes that's the only way to do something really great. [getting excited] Do you think Jimi Hendrix worried about his neighbours while he was playing guitar? [class laughes] No.

Camera turns from Katimski to Angela. She moves her eyes from Katimski to the window again. Katimski keeps talking, but we don't hear it anymore.

Angela VO: My problem is that I don't have anything that I'm really good at. The only time *I* made a difference was with the Lit, I lost myself, but that just didn't turn out the way I wanted it. I'm such an average person. Jordan writes songs, Rayanne acts really good, Brian is for sure gonna be a nobelprize winning scientist and my dad is the greatest cook in the world. The one thing I am good at is frustrating my mother and getting caught up in my own thoughts. Like that's of any use to anyone.

Katimski: To please you all we're gonna discuss some really new, today-ish literature next week. Which means *I* have some homework to do. Have a nice weekend.

The bell rings. Everybody start packing their things. Brian passes Angela's desk quickly, but bumps into Jordan who is already there. Jordan is kind of blocking his way. Angela is still sitting at her desk looking up at the them.

Jordan: Hey Brain.

Brian: Hi. [nervous] Could you like excuse me. I am in a kind of hurry.

Jordan: Sure [steps aside, Brian walks through]. Brain, wait a sec.

Brian: [turns around] What?

Jordan: There's this thing tonight. At Pike Street. Like a secret gig. Of The Cranberries. Tino got me some free tickets. [gets two tickets out of his pocket] Here's two for you. 'Cause you're helping me out with the tutoring and stuff.

Jordan hands him the tickets. Camera goes to Angela.

Angela VO: That was so nice of him. Jordan is turning more and more in this perfect version of himself. Which is *really* amazing.

Brian: Thanks, but you should give them to somebody else. I really can't make it tonight. I got like so much work to do. Some other time, maybe. Thanks anyway. [starts to walk away]

Angela: [surprised and angry] Brian! There isn't gonna be another time. You think The Cranberries do secret gigs in Three Rivers every other week? [in a nicer way] Come on. You can bring Rickie. It'll be fun. [pauses] And anyway, it's friday, you still got the whole weekend. That leaves plenty of time to study.

Brian: [angry] How would you know, huh?! You have no idea. [pauses, searches for words] Just forget it.

Brian walks away. Jordan and Angela watch him leave, in surprise. They're the only ones left in the classroom. Angela gets up, packs her bag and then they both leave.



A grey car pulls up the long gravel driveway of a real big, beautiful house. At the bottom of the screen the text: National Paranormal Association, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 4.00 p.m. The car stops in front of the entrance (marble steps and two pillars, big double door) and Mulder and Scully get out. They walk up the steps. Scully rings the bell. A slight ding-dong is heard. After a long wait the door is opened by an English looking butler.

Butler: Can I help you?

Scully: [pulls out her i.d.] I'm federal agent Scully, this is agent Mulder. We're here to see mrs. Branigan. We've talked to her on the phone this morning.

Butler: [after taking a close look at Scully's i.d.] Yes. Mrs. Branigan is expecting you. Please come in.

They enter the hall. It's big, lots of marble. There is a large Andy Warhol painting, with big blue flowers hanging on one of the walls. The butler disappears.

Mulder: The paranormally gifted *I* know don't live like this at all.

Mulder walks to the Warhol painting.

Mulder: I'd like to have one of these in my little basement office.

Branigan: Good afternoon, federal agents Scully and Mulder.

The voice comes from behind. Mulder and Scully turn around and face Mrs. Branigan, a blond sixty year old woman (Gena Rowlands). She wears a beige combination, looking very elegant. A rich lady, knowing how to dress. She makes an impression.

Scully: Good afternoon, mrs. Branigan. We're here to ask you some questions about the death of your husband and mr. David. I am sorry having to do that, but it seems there are some questions left.

Branigan: Don't be sorry. The murderer needs to be found. And I hope you will do a better job than the local police did. Please enter the salon. We'll have some tea.

As Branigan turns around and walks into the salon, Scully and Mulder look at each other and exchange frowning looks. Around a small, glass table four fauteuils are aranged. The butler brings in the tea and cake.

Mulder: So you believe your husband and David were killed, mrs. Branigan?

Branigan: As much as you do, mr. Mulder. I suppose you know all the facts. I talked to several members of the associaton on the funeral last week. One of them is a brain surgeon. He affirmed that a haemorraghe like Marc had could not be spontaneous.

Mulder: So something caused it. Or *somebody*.

Scully frowns.

Branigan: I am going to be honest with you, mr. Mulder. About Paul's death I haven't got a clue and that goes also for his missing blood. But Marc's haemorraghe can only be caused by somebody with extreme paranormal gifts. Really extreme. I told this also to the police, but they didn't believe me. They're going for the "one in one hundred million" solution, 'cause that's the chance a spontaneous haemmoraghe like that would have happened to him. If you won't believe me either, I will ask you to leave.

Scully: We believe you, mrs. Branigan. But do you know anybody with such powers? Could it have been somebody in the association, did your husband have any enemies?

Branigan: [pours the tea in the china cups] That are a lot of questions, ms. Scully. But it are the right ones.

Mrs. Branigan offers them a piece of cake. They both take one, looking a little like kids in a visiting a distant aunt, not knowing exactly how to act or what to say.

Branigan: The association is a big group of friends. We have no enemies. Everybody has a lot of money, so that is no reason to be envious of each other. We are gifted differently, but no one posseses the powers that were needed to kill Marc. Paul had the strongest powers, maybe he could have done it fifteen years ago. But his strength got weaker every year. That's strange, because with most of us it just stays about the same. Paul was Marc's best friend. And he died before Marc did. Anyway in his condition he probably couldn't have done much, he was a little ill when they went to the cabin. Paul wouldn't and couldn't have done it.

Scully: What was wrong with mr. David?

Branigan: Just a little fever, throwing up, that kind of stuff. He wanted to go the cabin to be in the woods, smell the trees. That always made him feel better.

Mulder: How long had they been at the cabin when it happened?

Branigan: Five days. They usually went there every 2 months for a couple of days. Hiking, fishing, that kind of things. The day they were killed they should have come back. At six in the afternoon I got worried and called the police. And then we found out.

Mulder: You haven't been at the cabin at all?

Branigan: Not this time. Sometimes I'd come along, but they usually went by themselves. Even though they never said it, they probably liked it more when I didn't go with them. Then they could live up to the "real men in the wild" idea for some days.

Scully: You said that in the association there is no one with real big paranormal powers. What *can* you do?

Branigan: Well, you can see me as the average association member. If I concentrate I can sense if you don't feel well. I can take some pain away. If I concentrate real hard, I can move small things, like pencils. Some members can read minds to a certain extent, take more pain away, see and read aura's, move bigger objects, like chairs and tables, but that's it.

Mulder: Can you *cause* pain?

Branigan: I can't. Some members can, but that would be just a temporal frustration of the nerval system or a bruiser. No one I know could cause remaining damage to the body.

Mrs. Branigan drinks her tea.

Mulder: Just to be sure, mrs. Branigan. You can't think of any motif at all?

Branigan: That's right, mr. Mulder.

Scully: Well, I think we should be going then.

Branigan: I'd suggest you'd visit dr. Walden. He's the brain surgeon I told you about. He can tell you more about the haemorraghe and he may have found some more information on it.

Scully: At which hospital is he working?

Branigan: Well, you can probably reach him at home. He's having some time off at the moment. Here's his card.

Scully: [takes card from mrs. Branigan] Oh. Thank you.

Mulder: Mrs. Branigan, we may need to ask you some more questions in the near future.

Branigan: Oh, that's o.k. You don't have to call first, just stop by. I'll be here all the time. I also live here, as you may have noticed.

They stand up, shake hands and leave through the hall. As they walk by the Warhol painting, it looks huge. The butler opens and closes the door without making any sound. It starts to rain. Mulder and Scully get in the car and drive away. Cut to interior car, windshield wipers are on, it doesn't rain too hard. Mulder's driving.

Scully: She's hiding something.

Mulder: Yeah. But she's not behind the murder. Maybe it's something totally not interesting. Like that Branigan and David had some kind of love affair. And that's way mrs. Branigan didn't go out to the cabin much.

Scully: Ha ha. Anyway, she couldn't have killed him for the money. Most of it is already hers.

Mulder: Maybe if we find out how they were killed, we'd also have the motif.

Scully: And maybe we'd find the blood.

We see the car driving away right in front of us over a two lane road. It's clear that the car is entering one of Pittsburgh's wealthy suburbs.



Interior Chase kitchen. Graham is preparing diner. Angela is setting the table. When she's finished she wanders around through the kitchen, blocking Graham's way two times.

Graham: [laughy] What is it with you, today?

Angela VO: Now that's a good question. What is it with me? [aloud] You tell me.

Graham: What?

Angela: [tucks her hair behind an ear, holds her head a little crooked] Well, dad? [pause] You really liked the apple pie I made two months ago, right?

Graham: Come on, Angela, parents are supposed to say such things. [more seriously]. Yes, the fact that I remember it surely proofs that. But why are you bringing this up? You want to make another?

Angela: No, well, maybe. [pauses] Dad, could give me some cooking lessons sometime. Like when you're not too busy.

Graham: [looking really surprised] Are you serious?

Angela: Yes. No. [pause] I don't know. [faster] We'll talk about it later, right?

Graham: Right, but -

Angela: Got to do something in my room. Call me when diner's ready.

Angela hurries out of the kitchen. Graham watches her go. He looks thoughtful, trying to understand it all.

Graham: Of course.

Cut to Angela lying on her bed. We hear 'A long december' by the Counting Crows. Angela's looking thoughtful, not sad.

Angela VO: The thing is, that I thought it all over and over again. After that Shakespeare sonnet. I just can't find any real thing that I'm good at. Jordan told me he likes me a lot, Rayanne said the other day that I was a real good friend, but those things just don't count. I mean, they're important and all, but they're not future things. It's like we're all at this big bus station and everybody's waiting for their bus. After sometime everybody got picked up and I'm the only one left. I am not a cook. And writing one good poem doesn't mean I am a poet. I don't even like poetry that much.

Graham: [from down stairs, off-screen] Angela. Dinner's ready.

Music swells: And it's one more day up in the canyons,
One more night in Hollywood.
It's been so long since I've seen the ocean,
I guess I should.
Na na na na, na na na na na, na na na yeah
Na na na na, yeah

As the music swells, Angela gets up slowly. She looks in her mirror, like she's trying to find out who she is.

Angela VO: I just need my bus.



Chase dinner table. Dinner is done. Graham comes out of the kitchen with a pudding. He has put burning sparklers on it. It looks really good. Angela and Danielle look amazed, Patty looks happy.

Danielle: Wow! And it's not even Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Graham: [puts the pudding on the table, smiling] Well, if all the customers in the restaurant think this pudding is great, I can't hold it back from the women I love.

Patty is smiling a true smile for a change. Angela's looking just like Danielle: caught in the magic of the sparklers and looking forward to eating the probably more than delicous pudding. When the sparklers go out, Graham removes them and cuts the pudding. They start eating.

Danielle: Jummy.

Patty: Graham, this is wonderful. How long has it been on the menu?

Graham: Just a week. Actually, it's a special, but everbody loves it so much, we're gonna put it on the menu.

Angela: It's the best. Can you teach me how to make this?

Graham: [happy Angela comes back on the lessons] Sure. Whatever you like.

Patty obviously frowns, wanting to know what they're talking about.

Angela: Dad is gonna give me some cooking lessons.

Patty: What? [little serious] Are you planning to leave the house?

Angela: *Mom*, no. But I really like to cook, I think. And it would come in handy, 'cause dad will be at least four evenings a week at the restaurant. And you're never home before 6.30.

Patty: [gives Graham a "how did you accomplish this?" look] Well, honey, that's great.

Danielle: [wanting attention] Pff, lessons from dad. I get lessons from a *real* man.

Angela: Sixteen year old curly neighbours don't count as real men, Danielle.

Danielle: Right. Since the moment he stopped obsessing over you, right?

Patty: Danielle!

Angela: Brian and I are just friends. Anyway, he never obsessed over me.

Patty and Graham look at her like they're knowing better. Angela doesn't know where to look for a moment. She stands up.

Angela: Can I be excused? I have got to change. Jordan's picking me up in an hour.

Graham: You need an hour? I don't think you look *that* bad.

Angela: *Dad!*

Graham: It's fine. Go, go. [Angela leaves the table] You should have known that dancing and eating a lot of pudding don't go too well together.



Exterior Chase house. Angela walks from her door to Jordan's car. In front of Brian's house are Brian's parents putting some suitcases in the car. Brian's dad gets in the car. Bereniece walks back to the house and yells 'goodbye Brian' through the door. We hear no answer. Angela has reached the car and gets in. Interior car. Angela leans over to Jordan and gives him a kiss.

Jordan: Well, hi.

Angela: [smiling, hairtuck] Hi.

Angela looks outside to Brian's parents, driving away.

Angela: Do you still have those extra tickets?

Jordan: Yeah. I totally forgot them.

Angela: I'll be right back.

Angela gets out of the car. From Jordan's POV, we see her cross the street and walking to Brian's door. She rings the bell and after a while she knocks the door real hard. Still from Jordan's POV we hear her yell.

Angela: Brian, it's Angela. I've still got the tickets.

Nobody opens the door. She runs back and gets in the car again.

Angela: [fast] I thought he could use some fun. His parents will probably be away the whole weekend, they do that a lot, you know. But Brian told me to go away.

Jordan: Ironic.

Angela: [like she barely heard it] Yeah.

Angela puts her head on Jordan's shoulder. As he turns on the engine we hear The Cranberries play "Dreams" live:

"O, my life is changing every day,
in every possible way."

We see the car from the back, driving away. This shot is very similar as the one at the end of scene 6 where Mulder and Scully drive away.



Pike Steet interior. We see the band on the stage and a lot of people in front of it. It's very crowded. Angela is in the center of the crowd jumping and singing with Rayanne and Sharon. Jordan is standing aside by himself. He looks from The Cranberries to Angela, who's really going crazy (like in the beginning of 'Betrayal'). The music started in scene 8 continues without any pause:

"And oh, my dreams it's never quite as it seems,
never quite as it seems.
I know, I've felt like this before,
but know I'm feeling it even more
because it came from you.
And then I open up and see
the person falling here is me,
a different way to be."

When the song is over, the crowd is applauding like crazy. Dolores O'Riordan (the singer) speaks to the audience.

Dolores: Thank you. Don't go away, we'll do some more in fifteen minutes.

The crowd applaudes again and the band disappears behind the stage. Angela tries to get to Jordan trough the crowd. After some real un-Angela pushing and pulling she succeeds. She's all sweaty and exhausted. She kisses him.

Jordan: Here, [hands her a glass of coke] I got you a coke.

Angela: Gee, thanks. [takes a big sip] Man, this is great.

Sharon and Rayanne have also arrived now. Everything's cool. Angela seems to have forgiven both Jordan and Rayanne and even seems comfortable with being with them together.

Sharon: This is *so* amazing. I can't believe I'm having *such* a good time.

Rayanne: What *I* can't believe is that Angela Chase [points at Angela, like she needs to be introduced] is like dancing? And jumping? And singing? And *I* didn't see any XTC-dealers around. Are you sure you're clean?

Angela: [smiling] Hmm, [pretending to think really hard] I *did* eat some of my father's most wonderful pudding ever. Maybe not some, but like a lot. Like too much. Maybe that's it.

Sharon: Cut out the crap. What's the story on Krakow? You said he like *refused* to come along?

Angela: Well, in a way, yes.

Rayanne: Maybe when you asked him to come to The Cranberries, he thought you were talking about one of your father's cooking classes. Ha ha.

Jordan: [ignoring Rayanne's stupid joke] It's weird. The other day, during tutoring, he came up with the idea of studying some song lyrics, like that's poetry or something. He asked what I like as music. The only band we had in common were The Cranberries. And today he went crazy when I asked him.

Angela: Only after I pushed him to the edge. He said he had to study real hard and I said - since it's friday - that if he came along he'd still have both saturday and sunday. Then he said I couldn't possibly understand, or something like that. And walked away.

Sharon: [thoughtful] Maybe he's right. His parents are freaks, he's taking a triple minor and doing something at university. I guess we couldn't possibly understand what's going on with Brian.

After this nobody says a word.

Rayanne: Enough already. It's party time tonight. Drinks are on me. What do we want?

Sharon: A cherry coke.

Angela: Yak! Do they still make that?

Sharon: Yes and shut up.

Rayanne: Angeleeka!

Angela: Coke and no cherry, please. [pulling a face at Sharon]

Jordan: A coke.

Rayanne: Well, since the ones who drank stopped doing it, things have become a lot more fun, right? [a little uncomfortable with this possibly painful remark] Got 33 days, *again*.

Angela: [friendly] Man, that's good.

Rayanne: And I feel it's different this time. [turns around and starts to walk away] Four cokes are coming this way.

Sharon: Make sure one is cherry coke.

Rayanne: Don't worry. I'll put in a straw and maybe I can get a little parasol too.

Sharon sighs while Angela laughs.



Exterior Angela's street. Jordan parks the car in front of the Chase house. Cut to interior car. Jordan puts the engine off and turns off the lights. He moves his head to Angela. His hand touches her cheek and he kisses her lips. Angela is breathing heavily. Her hands get hold of his neck. They kiss for a long time. But then the moment gets torn apart by the loud noise of a car coming through the street at high speed. They look up. Angela recognizes the black Mercedes immediately.

Angela: [not too loud] Quick. Get down.

She pulls Jordan beneath the car window, but manages to peak through the window herself. The car brakes right beside them. Angela can just see how a woman (we recognize mrs. Branigan, Angela of course doesn't) gets out and puts a box in the Krakow's garbage can. She hurries back in the car and they get away fast. Just as they pull up, another car comes through the street. A blue Chevrolet. It's at normal speed, but it is clear that it's following the Mercedes. The Mercedes drives away fast. The Chevrolet follows it, trying not to be too obvious. When the cars have gone away, Angela and Jordan get up. Jordan looking astonis-hed, Angela frightened. The screen turns to black.



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“Do we have to keep talking about religion? It's Christmas.”

Danielle Chase, Episode 15: "So-Called Angels"